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Status: Alive
Aliases: Painter, Albino Dancer
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Adan'f
Gender: Male
Location: Ilithi (Ranik Map 69a)
Type: Undead
Associates: Xerasyth, Vigther, Iszanua, Fatave, Zaevas


You see Shadow Dancer Vaktarr, an Adan'f Spirit Dancer.
Gleaming white scales stretch from snout to tail of this seven foot tall Spirit Dancer, marred by erratic streaks and swirls of some dried incarnadine liquid. Lithe and muscular, he appears the pinnacle of physical health for an Adan'f. Slitted eyes shining out a bright red from within his elegant snout suggest both extreme curiosity as well as more than a dash of insanity.
He appears youthful, his sleek body shifting with continual energy.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pale leather backsheath stitched with stretched yellowish cords, some polished bone bracers with ragged bits of fleshy fetishes dangling along the sides, a pale leather loincloth stained with blotches of rust-red and some spiked bone anklets crisscrossed with deep red stains.


[Ice Caves, Vaktarr's Quarters]
Elaborate inkings in some red liquid splatter the walls of this niche carved into the caves. The dark air is driven back somewhat by the presence of a large fireplace emitting deep crimson flames, though their eerie flickering seems almost malevolent. A wide sandpit dominates the middle of the small cavern.
Also here: Shadow Dancer Vaktarr who is sitting.
Obvious exits: southwest.

Complicated series of characters, glyphs, and pictures line almost the entirety of the walls, all done in some form of dark red substance. Some of them seem to indicate they're the product of a highly advanced mind, while others are strikingly disjoint from reality and sense.