Tyura Circle

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Tyura Circles are an old tradition that consists of creating elaborate patterns with salt and then ritually erasing them in a representation of birth and death. This brings about a betterment of the self. A vial of the salt for this ritual using specially prepared salts that can be obtained from Niloa for 5 gold Dokoras at the Temple of Serenity on Wyvern Mountain in Ilithi.

You can only purchase one vial every 24 hours. You may own more than one vial at a time, but may only create one circle every 24 hours as well. While you can destroy a circle in combat, you cannot create one.

Circle Creation

1) TURN the vial to the desired color
2) POUR the vial for each of three stages to complete the tyura circle.
3) CLEAN the circle to destroy the circle and complete the ritual.

NOTE: The circle will blow away in approximately 10 minutes if uncompleted and must be completed with the same vial that started it.


Available colors are Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink, White, Blue, Violet, and Green

A different color must be selected for each stage of the tyura circle.

While the function of the circles and relevance of the circles is unknown, four different basic color patterns were introduced during the initial demonstration.

Bahaya Circle

Colors: Red, Green, Black

Strength of Life

Colors: White, Green, Blue
The "urge towards being," reflected by the gasp of new breath, the growing meadow, and the rushing waters.

Exploration of Energy

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow
The "invigoration of being," reflected in the colors of the slow flame, the eternal beacon, that which burns and yet does not exhaust.

Inner Spark

Colors: Yellow, Red, White
The "connection of all being," reflected by the savant eye, the ruddy moon, and the wisp of smoke that twists ever upward.

One Stillness

Colors: White, Pink, Violet
The "recognition of being," reflected by the blanketing snow upon the mountain as it captures a single, perfect sunrise.