Temple of Serenity

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The Temple of Serenity is found on Wyvern Mountain in Ilithi. Not to be confused with the Dragon Priest temple left behind elsewhere on the mountain, the Temple of Serenity is dedicated to old Elothean spiritual practices related to self-improvement.

Temple Emissary Niloa first spoke of their beliefs during her time as Tower Assistant in Shard, then again at the Elothean Culture Faire, where she also mentioned that the Ferdahl Aemmin had granted the believers of these old ways her blessing in their building of a physical temple upon Wyvern Mountain. When construction of the temple was completed, it was opened to all visitors. During the public opening, Niloa discussed the history of the beliefs taught there, demonstrated their practice of Tyura Circle creation, and gave tours of the grounds. Niloa now resides full-time within the temple, where she teaches and greets visitors, having semi-retired from her position with the Tower.

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