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The MOVE command allows you to specify the way you want to move in Elanthia.


  • MOVE LIST - Shows the list of possible movement types.
  • MOVE SET (verb) - Sets your character's default movement type.
  • MOVE SEARCH (term) - Searches the list for the term indicated.
  • MOVE SET CLEAR - Clears your default movement type.
  • MOVE (house) - Allows the owner or guest of a home to unlock, open and enter the house.

Move List

You can choose from the following types of movement:

canter cartwheel dance drift
duck glide hobble hop
jog limp lope lurch
lumber march meander mosey
pad parade patter plod
prance ramble rove run
rush sashay saunter scamper
scramble shamble shuffle skip
slink slog slouch sprint
stagger stomp stride stroll
strut stumble swagger traipse
tramp tread trek troop
trot trudge walk wander

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