Time of Sorrows

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The Time of Sorrows, beginning seven thousand years before the Victory of Lanival, is a significant time period in Elven history during which Elves, who do not die of old age, became aware of the other races' mortality. This realization caused great emotional anguish for the Elves, many of whom lost loved ones due to the ravages of old age.

Many of the Two's children learned the pain of living at this time when the ones they had called beloved -- mostly Humans -- flickered out of living. It was a painful reality that shocked and hurt them when they saw their own children or grandchildren die of old age. For this reason, Elves began to move away from the Humans, the Elotheans, the Halflings, the S'kra, and the Gor'Tog. They could not bear to watch as those they cared for died, and the only other species that lived as long as they were the Dwarves, who they could care less if they lived or died.

Even isolated, the children of the Mother and the Father continued prospering, and began to organize their own clans. Because we do not like to dwell on the Time of Sorrows, I shall endeavor to move on to the clans.[1]


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