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A very hard, nearly opaque gem. Looks sort of like milky quartz with just a hint of transparency. They naturally glow ever so slightly, though not enough to be useful as a light source and only notable in dim lighting. Theal is Gerenshuge for "light". Comes in an assortment of pale starlight colors; grey, creamy, sky blue, yellow-orange. Pure white is rare but worth about three times as much.

Found in the remains of some shadow creatures, such as nimbi, they very rarely will be found with seordstone impurities. Like their cousin the seordstone, thealstones are useful in enchanting. They are a viable substitute for the Mirkik Sokis enchantment.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Apple red great helm crested with thealstone worms (1)Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 421/End loottrue
Apple red great helm crested with thealstone worms (2)Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loottrue
Carved howlite eyeball centered with a dragonvein agate irisGuildfest 423/Auctiontrue
Cobalt zenganne talisman pouch suspended on a stormheart topaz-beaded straptrue
Colorful quatrefoil parasol of swagged storyplait and a triquetra handleWeather Beaters (3)true
Dainty dawns-eye daisy nose studTildi's Blooms (3)Tildi's Blooms (4)true
Daisy-white storyplait sarong draped in graceful foldsWeather Beaters (3)true
Decorative pocket-chain of circular platinum links ending in a crimson sapphire fobFrom Our Closet to Yourstrue
Delicately twining wisteria vines wrought from dark green muraciteTildi's Flowers (4)Tildi's Flowers (6)true
Desert-hued scalene gamantangSnake Pittrue
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