The Custodians of the Dusk

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The Custodians of the Dusk are magical constructs created by a team of Moon Mage guild artificers led by Tozu Ayochi by order of Guildmaster Prime Taramaine Ennis-Braun to patrol Throne City and uphold the law.

Floating several inches above the ground, the Custodian wears a pleated robe formed of overlapping blue, crimson and black triangles. It drifts about ceaselessly as it carries out its tasks with dagged sleeves clasped before its chest and the hem of its robe ever trailing along the ground behind it. Where a head might be expected, the Custodian has none; instead a featureless disk of fuliginous cambrinth bobs gently above its stiff collar.

It carries no badge of office or coat of arms, but nevertheless it radiates order and absolute authority.

A pulse of invisible energy ripples outward from the Custodian.

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