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PREDICT is a Moon Mage exclusive verb which allows a character to predict the future for various ends.


The major uses of PREDICT require that you first make celestial observations. This is done by OBSERVE <object> (for PREDICT FUTURE) or STUDY SKY (for PREDICT EVENT) before you use the PREDICT command. You may optionally use the observational commands multiple times to build up a powerful prediction.

The ALIGN command can be used to attempt to target a specific skill.


Observation Based:

  • PREDICT EVENT <person> - Gives the target a vision about current events on Elanthia. <person> is optional and will target yourself if not used. This command requires special training from your fellow Moon Mages before it can be used.
  • PREDICT FUTURE <person> <skillset> - Gives the target a cryptic vision about his immediate future, which may effectively amplify or curse one of his skills. Valid options for <skillset> are Defense, Lore, Magic, Offense and Survival.

General Use:

  • PREDICT ANALYZE <person> - Evaluates the target's aura to determine what kind of predictions are affecting him. <person> is optional and will target yourself if not used.
  • PREDICT STATE <skillset|all|event> - Evaluates how much you have learned from your observations. Valid options are Defense, Event, Lore, Magic, Offense, Survival and All.
  • PREDICT WEATHER - Predicts upcoming changes in the weather. Weather prediction is possible outdoors as well as indoors with a skillcheck.
  • PREDICT <text> - This has been taken over by the INTONE command.
    - To grandfather skills you must confirm this request by entering PREDICT GRANDFATHER CONFIRM. If you are experiencing difficulties then perhaps you are not typing out GRANDFATHER and CONFIRM completely.

    Used to bring astrology skill up to current circle requirement, if guild was joined before astrology changes. Can only be used once.
  • INTONE <EMOTE> <TEXT> - Allows you to intone a passage of your choosing. You may seperate your text into multiple lines by using a semicolon (;).

Valid emotes (optional):

/cheerfully /coldly /cryptically /darkly
/dreamily /drunkenly /enigmatically /happily
/harshly /hauntingly /hesitantly /hollowly
/loudly /mockingly /morbidly /mysteriously
/mystifyingly /rudely /softly /teasingly
/vaguely /venomously /warmly /wonderingly

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