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Shaoimhe (pronounced "shee-vah")
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime

Shaoimhe, AKA "SheShe"

Race: Halfling

Guild: Bard

Title Tartling

Deity: Divyaush

Relationship Status: None!

Physical Description

Shaoimhe has an angular face, slightly pointed ears, tilted starry silver eyes and a pair of spiraled windsteel nose rings through the right side of a small nose. Her bright green-streaked deep blue hair is short and curly and has been shaved at the sides, and is worn pulled back in a loose ponytail bound with a wispy chain of wyndeflowers flecked with lightning amethysts. She has tanned skin and a lissome figure. She is slightly under average height for a Halfling. Some gleaming musical notes carved from faceted rainbow sapphires float lazily around her left forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin. Her left wrist has a tattoo of a school of silver-flecked violet dancerfish swimming through a rippling musical staff.

Wearing: Shaoimhe is wearing a heavy wax-covered canvas longcoat fastened with numerous thin leather straps, a beribboned jaalmin pack with a trio of glitvire welkins, a pair of wyvern wings crafted from embossed leather, a black tankard-shaped badge etched with the insignia of the Tavern Troupe, an aqua-colored music note prism, a musician's supply bag crafted of finely tooled leather, a ruby red silk songbook satchel clasped with a jeweled gold tart, a snug dark bloodlace bandeau wrapped around the chest, some tiny forget-me-nots made from sapphire silk strung together in a wristlet, an indurium neithrel band set with a starstone and engraved with tarts, a simple silver ring set with a scintillating sliver of sunstone, a darkened silver finger claw adorned with slivers of rainbow sapphire, a kelpzyte-framed swine smuggler's crate modified by misty satin privacy panels, a glittered violet tart pouch adorned with circus performers, some dark red pants with writhing shadows encircling the hems, a violet leather thigh quiver branded with a starburst pattern, some knee-high black and white socks brushed with gold glitter and a pair of crypt-black leather ankle boots decorated with electrum chains.

Special Alterations

  • an indurium neithrel band set with a starstone and engraved with tarts
    • The amaranthine hue of the metal offers a drastic backdrop to each stone accenting the symbolic band. Reminiscent of a fathomless night's sky, a single gem nestled in the heart of the ring's design glitters like a myriad of stars, while a delicate chain connects the band from finger to wrist. Tiny amethysts speckle the bracelet, offering a vibrant complement of color to the piece. A closer look reveals a detailed assortment of delectable-looking tarts dancing between the violet gems. An indirium neithrel band reads: "Tarts feed the body, but Art feeds the soul."

History and Personality

  • Shaoimhe grew up outside of Riverhaven with her parents and two older siblings. Her mother was a baker and her father was a woodworker.
  • While her brother took after her mother, and her sister took after her father, Shaoimhe took advantage of being the youngest and spent her days tumbling around the fields.
  • When she was old enough, she asked her parents permission to join a guild. Although they made her promise to stay close, they did agree, and Shaoimhe was able to join the Bard Guild.
  • While tumbling is her passion, joining the guild encouraged her to try out singing - which she's not bad at - and gasp acting - which she might enjoy a bit too much now.
  • Her breakout performance was with the Spectacular Sunbeam Circus, where she put her tumbling to the test and performed a routine with her trusty Cyr wheel. It was after this show she was gifted with her stage name: Pampelmouse the Sensational Tumbler, accompanied by her Cyr wheel Twizzle!
  • After the circus, Shaoimhe began attending many Tavern Troupe events, and eventually became an official member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order! Here she has found many role models, many more friends, and one wonderful Nemesis.
  • She found a happily muddy boarlike hog needing a home, and named him Sebastion. He is quite stubborn, but quite cute, and Shaoimhe adores him.
  • She became the proud owner of a beautiful buckskin pony named Bally (a nod to the Bally Girls of the circuses Shaoimhe so loves). The two enjoy lounging in fields, exploring new areas, and learning to joust.
  • Oh, but most importantly? TARTS.

The noblest art is that of making others happy.