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Protectors of the Bards' guild.

Interview With Songsworn Tasdrean

Are the songsworn assigned to particular guildleaders or how does that work?

Tasdrean says, "We're assigned to whatever we're assigned to."

Tasdrean grins at you.

Who does the assigning?

Tasdrean says, "I could tell you but..."

Tasdrean winks at you.

Tasdrean says, "But yes, there is someone who directs those kinds of things."

You nod to Tasdrean.

Tasdrean says, "The structure was shaken a bit when Medmaev went crazy and took so many."

Tasdrean says, "But some of our best are still around, and not known to be what they are."

Tasdrean asks, "Do you think our directors, if you will, would be publically known as songsworn?"

Tasdrean says, "It's probably the single thing that kept the group intact during our worst times."

Just makes it hard for the guild to know who to go to when we need assistance.

Tasdrean says, "I understand that. The guildleaders do know who to go to, though, in general."

How are the Songsworn chosen?

asked by Terra Talmuron at the Theren Theater on 3/27/10 to Tasdrean

Tasdrean whispers, "If one has expressed interest, and is found to be of general ability to consider it, and of good report, then there are deeds that are given to prove one's resourcefulness, intelligence, and capability."