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All of the infomation below was posted under "Kalestraum's Family." I believe this may be the same thing as "Kalestraum's Children." However, this information is raw and desperately needs editing before going into the rest of the well-formatted "Kalestraum's Children" article. --Kraelyst 22:37, 27 October 2007 (CDT)

You'd be correct. Will get to it later today or tomorrow, there's some good information there. Reene 16:07, 28 October 2007 (CDT)

Karosti Kalestraum is the current leader of Kalenstraum's Family, a Tezirite splinter group. The group was originally founded by Heronyus Kalestraum.

Recent activity

The group always seems to return to Leth Deriel, near where their headquarters, Kalenstraum Manor, is located. Many of group wear shrew amulets.

The group is fairly large, with members including including: Orvdrue (walked), Karosti's assistant; a handful of Scions, including Kartosi, Everelles, Xalies, and Ealuik; numerous assistants to the Scions, the Votaries Arteron, Edantu, Rheaistra, Hhstin, Olandern, Logaro (walked), Tmi, Wyren and Tressoth.

Author unknown, ca. 2003

New Children of Kalestraum References:

Spy - Mentioned by one member of the Children that they had found someone infiltrating the cult for the Moon Mage Council and that he had been disposed off. Not much else is known.

"She" - In his first appearance in Throne City Karosti made a reference of a "she." We are not entirely sure what was meant by this statement but some believe it to be tied to Kerenhappuch who the Children seem to worship by their adorning her icon, the shrew.

"The Scoure" - The act of the Moon Mage guild to wipe out any traces of the old Kalestraum's Children in the past to prevent any connections between the two organizations,

'The Eye" - The Moon Mage in charge of leading the purge of "The Scoure." His identity was kept hidden for his own protection,

Bonegrinder Spell - A spell mastered by Karosti's ancestor, Heronyus Kalestraum. It is believed to have it's origins in the ancient text, "The Arte of the Black Cockatrice." Karosti is attempting to recreate the pattern of this lost spell.

Kalestraum Manor - From all appearances a very elegant home surrounded by forests that seems to be the base of the New Children of Kalestraum. Attempts to find the manor have all failed.

Gaharzen - A device created by the Children that sends shards of solid light throughout an area that are volatile to the magical light of Dazzle.

Hemiphere with Black Seal - A device believed constructed with the aid of the tome, Tales of Lunar Majesty. It was used by Ealuik and Karosti on the Taisgath Obelisk to sever the tie of Moon Mages with the Plane of Probability The effects were reversed by enduring Moon Mage students, though the webs of fate where altered dramatically.

Shrew - Many of the Children wear Shrew icons throughout their clothing. It is the avatar for the goddess Kerenhappuch.

Logaro's Legacy - Upon the remains of Logaro a small envelope was found which contained a tiny silver ring hung from a fine chain and hooks. The ring was barely large enough to fit a Human pinky. The bright metal had been carefully polished and was unadorned save for a tiny, broken silver bell fixed in place of a stone. The meaning of these items remains unknown.

"Tales of Lunar Majesty" - A book that was stolen from Tiv's Fortress by Karosti and Everelles. It was believed to contain nothing more then fantasy tails with no bearing on reality but it is now believed to of been used by Karosti to create the device that severed the link with Plane of Probability.

"Delicate bone Ritual." - A ritual undertaken by Ealuik, Olandern and Tressoth that resulted in the temporary death of Olandern.

Krrish incident. - Krish is a S'lai, Moon Mage artisan who specializes in creating the bone divination tool. Everelles attempted to hunt him down, though he escaped to safety. The reason behind Everelles attack on Krrish and the "delicate bone ritual" are unknown, but believed to be tied together.

Grazhir Shards - The first attack by the Children was on the Grazhir Shard connection between Throne City and Taisgath. The two shards are reported to have been recovered by the Moon Mage guild. A third shard in the possession of the Guildleader Gylwyn was later attempted to be stolen but she was able to escape to Throne City. That shard is raw and much larger than any other known shards it is also now connected to The Ways.

"The Sever" - The destruction of the link between Moon Mages and the Plane of Probability by Karosti. Taramaine had made a similar attempt during the Mirror Wraith Prophecy while under inluence of the deceiver device. The effects of Karosti's sever were reversed after the hemisphere device he used was disolved by Moon Mage students on Taisgath.

Taramaine's message, late May 2003

A low, unsteady hum hovers at the edge of your hearing, its tenuous quality making it difficult to identify. The hum grows stronger, and you soon realize that the sensation is not a sound, but an unexpected oscillation of the lunar mana surrounding you.

The hum continues to increase in intensity, and a vague whispering echo fills your mind, making in hard to concentrate on anything but the disturbance.

Over the hum, the voice of Grandmaster Taramaine suddenly fills your mind, "Mages of Elanthia, I send you my thoughts from Throne City, the heart of what was once the Empire, and soul of the Moon Mage Guild. Hear me brethren, allies, lunar mages, Seers, Moon Magi, and answer my call."

Taramaine's voice invades your thoughts, "I speak not just to my Students, the valued members of my Guild. I speak to all who touch the Plane of Probability. I speak to all who feel the call of the moons. I speak to all who walk upon Elanthia, but wield the energy of Penhetia, Morleena, Szeldia. I speak to you all, because the enemy that besets my Guild besets not just Moon Mage buildings and Moon Mage leaders, but the very sources of our power."

Taramaine's voice comes into your mind, "The Children of Kaelstraum have declared war upon all Moon Mages. They demand justice for ancient wrongs, but their deeds betray a deeper purpose. The Children seek to cut us off from the Plane of Probability. They wish to sever us from the moons and the heavens. They have attacked the obelisk of Taisgath, and most recently have begun targeting those whose tools enhance our perception of the future."

Taramaine's voice echoes through your consciousness, "I call upon the sects, so long protected by the power of the Guild, to reaffirm their commitment to unity. Our Students in the four provinces have fought, indeed, many have died, trying to protect the power that all who hear these words call their own. This threat is shared by us all, and we must combat it with our combined strength."

Taramaine's thoughts resonate around you, "To all who touch the Plane of Probability and the three moons, I call, like my ancestor Jares Braun once called, that we might determine the course of our Fate. The artifact I use to send these thoughts is limited and unreliable. We must gather together in the coming months to share our research, our ideas, our strength. Send your leaders and your scholars, your powerful and your stalwart. Together, our knowledge and wisdom shall illuminate the future and reveal the path to victory."

As Taramaine's voice fades from your mind, you catch a faint echo, "Friends from afar, gather in the four provinces that we may pool our strength." The hum recedes as well, leaving the lines of energy around you in their normal, still state.

From, 6 April 2003, by Athesa Trianny


Citizens of Crossing today experienced their second invasion in as many days as the three rogue Moon Mages collectively known as "The Scions" or, "The Children" descended upon the Northern Trade Route with hordes of their followers. Shortly thereafter, word was given that attacks were also taking place in Throne City, the home of the Moon Mage Council. The Scions attacked with powerful friends, including Shadow Masters, Shadefield Eviscerators, Emaciated Umbramagus' and Voidspawn.

The three Scions; Karosti, Everelles and Ealuik were all heard on the GwethNet at one time or another. Ealuik was heard in Throne City bragging about killing the Council's Sleepers. It's unknown at press time whether or not he succeeded in this goal. Everelles and Karosti staged a raid on Tiv's Fortress, just off the Northern Trade Route, and apparently succeeded in stealing a powerful book which they claim brings them one step closer to their goal. Your author is currently attempting to gain more information on these fiends, and it will be forthcoming in tomorrow's issue.

In closing, The Daily News would like to commend the citizens of Crossing, Riverhaven, Throne City, and other locales for your brave defense. The battles near Dirge, Throne City, and Kaerna village surely taught "The Children" that we are not a people to be taken lightly. But this raises the question: Where are the troops of the Province? Will Prince Vorclaf be content to control the cities, even while dark forces ravage the countryside? Your author hopes not.

Until next time, Stay Alert-Stay Vigilant-Stay Brave.

A good summary, from, 7 April 2003, by Jenteal

This just in from our special On-The-Scene correspondant, Jenteal Aen'slaed.

As promised, The Daily News, your prime source for current events in today's hectic Elanthian world, brings you today a special report. With the recent attacks on Crossing and Throne City by the group known as "The Scions", we at the News feel its our responsibility to give the citizens an idea of who their foe is. To this end, We've brought on board a special correspondent, who is more qualified to speak about this matter. Jenteal Aen'slaed is a Moon Mage of the Progeny of Tezirah. As such, she is specially qualified to speak about the unfortunate events of the last few days, as well as give us information which may be crucial to defeating our common enemy. Tomorrow we shall return to our regularly scheduled news programming.

The three Scions, Everelles, Elauik, and Karosti who have so recently plagued Elanthia with their fowl presence are members of an underground Moon Mage sect, long thought destroyed, or at least rendered powerless. Obviously, this is not the case. We'll go in depth and look at why these people are here, and why they seek such destruction. To start with, I shall give you some background, and we'll progress in a timely manner from there.

It all starts with the famous Moon Mage, Tezirah. Tezirah was the leader of a sect called the Saesdorian Cabal. Upon Tezirah's execution for reasons which we shall not delve into here, her works were discovered by a Moon Mage named Kalestraum. Kalestraum and his followers, called "Kalestraum's Family", were fond of using sorcery, something that set them in opposition to most of the mages of that time. Eventually, Kalestraum's works became too much for his peers to abide by, and him and his "Family" were defeated by a cabal of Celestial Compact mages using experimental, untried magics. At this time, the group split into two distinct factions, The Progeny of Tezirah, which was the maintstream group and a recognized Moon Mage sect to this day, and Kalestraum's Children, the splinter group practicing obscene and blasphemous rituals.

This has all been forgotten for many years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, our cities and streets are attacked by these fiends. They claim no higher purpose except the sickest one of all, revenge. Karosti and his minions want revenge for the wrongs that they believe have been perpetrated against them, caring naught for the fact that it was their actions that brought destruction upon them.

Everelles is another story entirely. Her reasons for the chaos she's caused are more grounded in reality. It seems that her family was executed, although whether at the hands of the Celestial Compact mages or the Moon Mage guild itself is unclear. She has joined with Karosti to wreak her havoc and claim her revenge in whatever way she can. Little is known about the rest of this merry band, including Edantu and Orvdrue, but rest assured that as soon as information is gleaned, you'll hear it first in The Daily News.

This is all the information I've been able to scrape up on short notice, and while I know its not a lot, I hope it is enough to allow my guildmates to better defend themselves. Master Mortom put it better than anything I could possibly hope to do when he said "Our Guild is under attack, and it is up to all of us to protect it." I entreat all of you out there to remember this. Karosti and his "Children" have been defeated before and by presenting a strong, unified front, Gods willing, they shall be defeated again.

Report: Kalestraum's Children, by Pathian

Elanthia at large , It has been 372 years, 83 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

The Time of Shadows - Kalestraum’s Children A report brought to you by the Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a Written by Bakshiloa Sarbu'i'a Pathian Quindinar

Background Info:

The Saesordian Cabal was originally founded by Tezirah Eilsina. During the reign of Empress Demin I, sorcery was outlawed, and Tezirah was killed (See A study of the Progeny of Tezirah). Years after her death, a nobleman named Heroynus Kalestraum, rediscovered what was left of her notes and reestablished the Saesordian Cabal. Kalestraum, however, wasn’t interested in knowledge or research, but in the practical applications of sorcery to further his own goals. This fact was not known to the Cabal at first, but later they discovered his true goals. This split the group in two. Those led by Kalestraum who sought to practice and achieve power through sorcery and those led by a young seeress name Alicia Crowther who renamed her group "The Progeny of Tezirah".

From this point on, history becomes a little unclear. A group from the Celestial Compact sought to end Kalestraum’s power and small circle of mages killed the powerful sorcerer. Those that remained of Saesordian Cabal quickly reformed themselves into what is now known as Kalestraum’s Children. They are widely regarded as little more than magical terrorists and were thought to be wiped out.

After the Moon Mage Guild was officially established, a movement known as "the scouring" began. The mission of this group was to wipe out all remaining members of Kalestraum’s Children. They were led by someone known only as "The Eye", an inquisitor whose identity has remained hidden until this day. Those involved in the scouring were believed to have been successful and to have destroyed everyone affiliated with the Children.

Unfortunately this has proved false with the recent resurfacing of Karosti Kalestraum, who we believe to be a direct decent of Heronyus. He has begun to reorganize the group and begin attacks against the guild. His only motive known thus far is revenge. The only known members of the group are thus; Orvdrue (dead), Everelles, Ealuik, Edantu, Olandern, Rheaistra, and Hhstin.

Events Thus Far:

-Attack on Throne/Taisgath turtle by Karosti and Orvdrue.

-Ovrdrue killed and forced to walk the starry road.

-Invasion in Shard by Shadowmasters, shadefield eviscerators, and umbramagis.

-Appearance of Everelles and Ealuik. Beginning of random invasions and attacks on students.

-Goldcap Lirs arrives in Throne City seeking information for the council. Appeared very concerned about the comatose council members.

-Attack on Throne City by Ealuik and Votary Edantu meanwhile Karosti and Everelles raid the Crystal Hand Monestary and steal a book.

-Erzebet Crowther, current leader of the Progeny of Tezirah, stops by at an informational meeting in Shard. She shared what she knew about the situation and is planning on confronting Grandmaster Taramaine concerning his lack of involvement.

-Ealuik and a new Votary named Olandern invaded the Crossing Observatory. Olandern was quickly killed and the two fled.

-The Children infiltrate an informational meeting in Shard. Rheaistra and Hhstin made themselves known as members, they set loose more eviscerators, umbramagis, and shadow creatures.

-Taisgath invaded. Goldcap Lirs arrived on the scene to assist. He provides us with some information regarding the book which Karosti stole from Tiv’s fortress.

-Taisgath invaded once again, headed by Everelles.

-Ealuik makes an appearance on Taisgath. Makes a vague comment about when the Children are finished sorcery will not be looked upon as evil.

Info we know thus far:

Karosti and Everelles both have revenge as their motives. The others are still unclear. Everelles parents were also supposedly killed by members of the Celestial Compact.

The name of the book stolen by Karosti is Tales of Lunar Majesty. No one knows if there are any other copies. It is a book of Rathan origin that contains mostly fanciful stories that appear written for children. Some of the stories included are one of a fortuneteller who's fortunes always turn sour, one of a sorceress creating a love potion, a man who teleported his head on backwards because he sneezed during the casting and of a seer looking to curse a spouse.

The Children are known to use sorcery and will not hesitate to attack.

There appears to be some association with a flying shrew and the Children. Invasion creatures are dropping pewter shrews, the Children have been seen wearing articles of clothing embellished with the design and while studying the obelisk students have been seeing flashes of it’s image. Clerics and researchers believe this is an association with Kerenhappuch the dark aspect of Meraud. Kerenhappuch is the goddess that represents the quest for knowledge taken to extremes. Where the gaining of knowledge becomes all-important, even to the destruction of it to prevent others from having it. Karosti has also been heard to make a comment that Kerenhappuch is one of his many faces.

Karosti answers to an unnamed "she". We're uncertain if this is Kerenhappuch, Tethia, or some other unknown woman.

The Children seem to have a fixation with Leth Deriel and the Observatory of Ankis Dir. They have repeatedly been seen in the area and some believe it may be their base of operation.

Erzebet is appalled at Taramaine’s lack of involvement. She believes he’d rather let the students do his dirty work. She’s also worried about the council situtation. It’s believed Taramaine is attempting to keep the council in ruins so he can keep power all to himself. No proof that this is necessarily true or not, it’s only Erzebet’s opinion and she isn’t exactly trustworthy herself.

Erzebet believes once the Children are dealt with, our next priority should be reformation of the council.

Post by Lovelorn, 27 April 2003

A threat has befallen us, one that we have yet to discern fully. They use dark magicks of unknown origin. We seek your presence and knowledge to see if you hold any information that would be of assistance to our cause. Although highly regarded by but a few, here is a chance for you to clear your name, as I feel strongly that you may have knowledge regarding Kalestraum from decades past that may be of value to our defense, and their demise. If you could find a way to meet with us, or summon us to you, it would be greatly appreciated. Please do be careful, however, as Taramaine would have you still blamed for the slaughter of the Counsellors. He emphatically wishes us to be so very aware that he was duped, yet refuses to recognize others that may have been equally so...

At any rate, Karosti Kalestraum performed some ritual at the Obelisk at Taisgath, something involving a Sigil of the Shrew. Taramaine claims to have no knowledge of the powers he was wielding, yet tasks us to be at watch to what they do, and improve upon it. If you have any information regarding Heronyus Kalestraum, The Eye or The Scouring, any artifacts they might be seeking, this Sigil he used in his ritual, or any of their magicks, I plead with you to meet with one of The Leth Deriel Resistance. Your wisdom helped us before, even though some wish to call it otherwise, please come forth with any information you might have.

By my Hand,