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Tethia Queilsinar
Status: Unknown
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Unknown

Tethia was a young woman that appeared on Taisgath some time after the conclusion of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. She was widely rumored to be the daughter of Tezirah and Pathian, but this is false; in truth she was an ordinary innocent woman being psychically manipulated by Erzebet Crowther into causing destabilization within the Moon Mage guild in a bid for power.

She was, among other things, responsible for the deaths of Elvaka and Waldrin as well as breaking into a vault in Throne City.


You see Tethia Queilsinar of Elanthia, a Human Moon Mage.
She has jade eyes, cropped blue-black hair, and pale skin.
She is young for a Human.

She is wearing a dagger thigh sheath, a pair of crimson lizardskin boots fastened with clasps of silver, an ebony silk cloak reinforced to appear like a bat's membraned wings, a formal crushed-velvet jacket trimmed in red silk, some black velvet pants embroidered with dark red spirals, a blackened silver ring etched to reveal delicate detail along the surface, a ruby and onyx crescent-shaped earring hanging by a polished silver chain, a black satin bodice laced with silvery velvet threads, a burgundy arm pouch and a crested black cowl adorned with crimson tassels.

One summary, Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a Event Summary by Kelvena Nortune

Tethia reappears - Following a long disappearance following Tethia's disappearance, after stealing an unknown item from within the Throne City Palace vault, Tethia made a sudden reappearance though she seemed to of lost her memory. Moon mages guided her south to Shard where Lady Erzebet Crowther-Devare offered to care for her and aid her retrieve her memories.

Tethia's Bad Habits - Tethia had seemed to of escaped from Erzebet's manor and made her way to Throne City. Erzebet followed her there only to meet with Everelles, the two exchanged cross words before parting and Erzebet found Tethia. She seemed to of forgotten how she had gotten to Throne City from Shard and what she had been doing there. She also confessed that it was not the first time and that sometimes items would be missing. Erzebet returned her to Shard.

Erzebet and Valabrina - Valabrina was sent to retrieve Tethia from Erzebet but Erzebet seemed to not be cooperative. Valabrina says, "It's of little matter. Taramaine sent me here to attend to matters, and they will be attended to with or without her cooperation."

Death of Elvaka and Waldrin - Tethia who did not seem to be herself violently killed the sleeping council members Elvaka and Waldrin and made an attempt on Jonela's life, but was stopped before she could kill the sleeping Jonela. Annisean came to see the aftermath and took Tethia for holding and Jonela for protection. It is believed that Tathia might be under the influence of another. Possibly the Children or the Shadow Masters, it is unknown.

Another summary, board post by Kelvena Nortune

Well, here's a quick unfancy summary.:

A foreboding feeling was felt in general by Moon Mages. Doing some event predictions revealed three new visions. One hinted at the sleepers, another at a ghostly council and the third at blood and a knife. So people started heading over to Throne City, which was annoying because there weren't any moons. :snicker:

Tethia appeared in Throne and headed to the pavillion. Others were already waiting there but she went right to it and stabbed a knife throw Elvaka's and Waldrin's throats. The people there managed to kill her before she could kill Jonela as well and then Elvaka and Waldrin walked. :( I was a bit pissed off when I saw them walk because I was thinking, "Damn it! All these years and they just die. Argh."

Annisean finally got there with a bunch of Y'shai guards and she spoke a bit with the others there and congradulated them for stopping Tethia before she did further damage. She believed Tethia was under some spell possibly by "The Children" and didn't want any of us to Raise her or otherwise until the magic could be studied more before fading from her. Annisean then had some Y'shai guards take Jonela to the palace for more careful protection. The pavilion had been guarded from "The Children," but no one expected Tethia's actions. She then had more guards carry Tethia away before leaving herself.

Heh one note on the ghostly council vision though... If it was the council in that vision then wouldn't there of been 6 open seats? Ones for Jonela, Elvaka, Taramaine, Annisean, Waldrin, and Taramaine. Unless of course that was only a vision of all those that once exsisted in that council who would eventually die. With Waldrin and Elvaka filling two of the three empty seats that would leave me to believe that one of Annisean, Jonela, Taramaine or Khaman are destined to die and join them before the end of this all. :P Though that's only if you take the vision literally, which we shouldn't.

An interesting episode, from FERDONC (Jan 9 2002)

We get there and Tethia's with a few moon mages, and they've gotten past the sealed door in TC's library. They're stopped again by a solid granite door. They were breaking into an inner-sanctum vault. We looked around for a way in, but couldn't find anything. The only thing keeping us awake and entertained was making the guards search people. Finally the doors opened seemingly by themselves. We all went in to look at lots of fun stuff like Y'shai armor and a glowing steel sphere. The back wall of this vault was a huge, deep black moongate warded with a gold ring. At this point Tethia went evil and starting laughing maniacly and telling us we were fools. Rumet, to fulfill a promise he made, went to attack her, but she resisted all magic and she could not only dodge very well, but self heal too. Eventually Tethia killed Rumet, but oddly brought him back to life. (General consensus was that this was the unpossessed Tethia fighting back against the whatever inside her.) She then went into RF and we saw nothing but a ripple in the moongate.

We chatted for a while, Pathian and Jenteal were mad that we were gonna kill her, then I kinda stopped paying attention cause no one was saying anything important. Another ripple came from the moongate, and we decided to go check out Taisgath. So we did, and apparently before Tethia left she thoughtcasted Methar and said a new era of darkness was coming. STAY TEWNED SPORTS FANZ!

Another episode, by HAPLO82 (Pathian) -- Jan 18 2001

Once we were able to get into Throne City, we found Tethia held captive by the rogue Y'Shai Kreich. She was being held because he believed her to be the reincarnation of Tezirah herself. And because Tezirah killed Stavro, he wanted revenge and was going to kill Tethia. A bit of yelling/conversation/thoughtcasting insued and ended with Taramaine finally arriving somewhere in Throne City. I thoughtcasted to him for help and he came. He order Kreich to stand down with his Y'Shai controlling type powers, but it didn't work at first. Then when we thought it worked, Kreich went into the cell and killed Tethia. She departed and arrived that Hodierna's Cathedral. A little later Taramaine and Mortom Saist were chatting with others in the palace. Taramaine told us that Mortom was soon taking up residence again in the Shard Guild house and that due to some clause in the Lunar Accord, there for emergiences such as this, Taramaine has the power of the entire council. I think that highlights the important stuff. <g>

Summary of Tethia plot line by GM Armifer

Re: Events - 05/27/2012 - 12:11
Tethia was a plant by Erzebet in her bid to destabilize and take over the guild. Tethia had nothing whatsoever to do with Tezirah, except that this was the cover she was magically compelled to believe; she was an innocent that got mindwarped and used without her conscious volition.

The plot failed, Erzebet was quietly censured for her meddling, and Tethia disappeared. Possibly returned to her normal life, possibly expediently killed.