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First Email: 9/11/20

Set Sail For Adventure!

Fantasy Excursions has unveiled a new vacation package! Set sail aboard the Morada and cruise in decadent luxury to one of our own private ports at the island of Taisidon! The exotic, untouched wilderness of the island is yours to explore!

...that is, if you can survive the voyage.

Fantasy Excursions: Taisidon Mystery opens on Friday, September 18th at 9PM (ET)

Second Email: 9/18/2020

Fantasy Excursions: Taisidon Mystery Begins Tonight!

Exhausted by the daily grind of Elanthian life? Fantasy Excursions invites you to take part in their latest vacation package! Adventure, mystery, and relaxation await you on the beautiful island of Taisidon!

Board The DEADLY Morada!

With your boarding pass in hand, make your way from A'Baya Esplanade and speak with the Taisidon cruise coordinator who will take care of all your vacation plans. Upon embarking on the Morada, you'll be faced with a murder on board!

Your task is to identify the murderer, the murder weapon, and the room where the murder took place.

The clues can be found by STUDYing the corpse, using APPRAISE on the weapons found in the various rooms, SEARCHing the rooms, and ASKing people ABOUT their ALIBI. When you are ready, ACCUSE person WITH weapon IN room.

Everyone who tries to help solve the mystery will be awarded Mystery Cruise points, to be spent in the Fantasy Excursions souvenir shops along the A'baya Esplanade. Those who are able to solve the crime will receive an additional gift! Along with your points, you'll receive a tour coupon. Two of these coupons can be combined to create a tour ticket to participate in the hour long shore excursion. See the Taisidon tour director to discuss your tour!

Multiple tour tickets can be redeemed at the same time to extend the length of your tour on the beautiful island of Taisidon. The tours will remain open for a week following the cruise, so that you do not have to divide your attention between the two.

Discover Awesome Items!

In addition to the many shops available along A'baya Esplanade, you will also find some prize dispensers with some amazing items! These include:

  • A Sorcerers Set - Includes a STRONG Social Outrage reduction robe with OVERSIZED container capacity, a LARGE spell scroll folio, and a POWERFUL sorcerous backlash absorber!
  • An Investigator's Set - Includes a spyglass to get a quick look at up to 10 different locations YOU select, an UNLIMITED charge Locate backtracer, an UNLIMITED charge Pet/Summon identifier, and an investigator's toolkit to carry it all!
  • A Quelium Bell - Summon a CUSTOM massive Imperial coral banquet table with 5 rotatable surfaces of 10 different FOOD/DRINK options on each surface! The life of the party in the palm of your hands!
  • A Taisidon Wayfinder's Wildland Machete Wrapped In Woven Barkcloth And Shadowleaf - A NEW 'special permission' two-handed edge weapon template. Also includes a NATURE FLARE and the permanent CUSTOM TITLE Taisidon Wayfinder!
  • A Wickedly Pointed Drake Fang With Nature's Canopy Emerald Inlay - Summon a CUSTOM FOREST DRAKE MOUNT that is rideable with tons of VERBS and ATMOS! Travel the world in Taisidonian style!

If you're interested in the vacation of a lifetime, make sure you grab your boarding pass and report to the Morada!

Fantasy Excursions: Taisidon Mystery opens tonight at 9PM (ET)