Starlight Sphere quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.



  1. From the gate of Therenborough go n,n,e,e,n,ne,ne,n,ne,go arch,nw,nw,nw,w,s,go alley. (genie map location ID: 303; lich go2: 3149)
    Inset into the dais are several round shapes, clearly intended to represent a series of moons, and made out of stone, wood, copper, and tile.
  3. Push the tile and copper moons.
    • If you push any other moon before or in-between these two, you must wait until they reset and then try again.
    • Pushing the other moons after these two has no effect unless the door has closed already.
  4. Go west and through the door, then north, here you will find the prophet.
    A blind prophet turns his head at an awkward angle and whispers to you, "Ask me of this spell I guard, yes? So be it, you shall learn..." In a monotone, the prophet recites, "Of the rarest of books, Stellar Magic, comes the spell beyond that door. Of the sparkling stars above, comes its power, so be not foolish and cast it during the daylight hours. When the Starlight Sphere forms, point it at your foes, and they shall be obliterated by its cold light."
    A blind prophet nods, chuckling. He whispers to you, "Beyond that portal is the task that awaits."
    The blind prophet taps the iron door behind him, allowing the slightest smile to curl his lips below his blindfold. He then whispers, "A simple task is the one I ask of you. Navigate the maze beyond this door to find the rune therein -- and that rune is your objective." With a chortle, he adds, "The air within smells quite bad, but you will breathe a sigh of relief when you get to the root of the matter. Nod to me," says he, "and I shall allow you to attempt this task we ask, and perhaps you shall even be rewarded upon its completion."
    You nod to the blind prophet. "Very well," says the prophet as he opens the iron door. "You may pass... A moment" adds the prophet. "We humbly request that you attempt this simple task the way that the Prophets of G'nar Peth must." Moving with grace, he gestures at you! Sparks tear into your eyes, and you realize you've been blinded! A disorienting series of shoves and pushes immediately follow, and you find yourself alone, lost, and without the benefit of sight...
  9. Now you must SMELL each room and try to find your way to the least smelly room, just follow your nose to the better smelling rooms, for me this tended to go northernly but your results may differ.
    • You will finally reach a room which when smelled you will get, "You sniff the air around you. It seems oddly clear of bad smells."
  10. LISTEN
    You pause a moment to listen, and hear the whistling of a slight breeze, as if it were blowing through the eye of a needle.
    You reach out and rub a glossy moonstone needle and realize that it must be the rune!
  12. FOCUS NEEDLE 100
    You focus your magical senses on a glossy moonstone needle.
    Exotic lines of Stellar Magic flow through the needle, unlike any other rune you've ever examined.
    You sense that the needle contains the Starlight Sphere spell.
    You strain, but the needle resists your efforts to channel that much energy into it.
    You sense the power in the needle increase due to your adjustment.
    Roundtime: 15 seconds.
  13. Continue to charge the needle with FOCUS NEEDLE 100
    • For me it did not need to be completely full. Once you have done this a few times try to FOCUS NEEDLE and if it's ready you will learn the spell, otherwise try charging a few more times.
    • This does not use up your harness at all.
    You focus your magical senses on a glossy moonstone needle.
    Exotic lines of Stellar Magic flow through the needle, unlike any other rune you've ever examined.
    You sense that the needle contains the Starlight Sphere spell.
    The lines of power in the needle flash with enormous bursts of magical energy.
    The pattern is clear and precise, burning in your mind's eye with the brilliance of a sun!
    Notions of magical formulae and visions of swirling constellations fill the blackness of your blinded state as you realize that you have memorized the Starlight Sphere spell!
    Roundtime: 15 seconds.

    Footsteps approach behind at a brisk pace, and you suddenly find hands grasping you! Someone lets out a soft yet sinister chuckle, and you realize you're being led blindly through the dark...

    You suddenly see your new location flashing as a vision in your mind...

    A voice whispers, "Ah, you have proven yourself worthy of such a prize. Now go forth with your new knowledge..."
  15. Go south of and PULL LEVER to open the door to the outside. Congratulations!