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Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 2
Owner scraggly Elothean monk
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cleric shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Temple Grounds, Scriptorium]
This tiny one-room cottage is quite cramped amidst all the clutter that has been packed into it. An oversized oak desk dominates the northern side of the room, just beneath a lustrous silver placard that displays several parchment titles and their prices. Various cases built to hold delicate papers have been piled atop shelves and racks that flank the desk, while the larger ones hang in display upon the wall. You also see a hanging wrought-iron birdcage and a scraggly Elothean monk.

Pristine Parchments
Item Price Done
1) Prayer to Eluned - by Hylthorin Rowanburn 7,000   
2) The Masters of Craft and Wealth - by Perre Thorfowle 20,000   
3) Chadatru, Urrem'tier and Glythtide - by Crusinix Blue-Tear 12,000   
4) Prayer for Life - by Liani Shadowbriar 6,000   
5) Abues ia Fostra - by Brynnfairn Argahyua 8,000   
6) Hymn to Hodierna - by Dorrad F'llanna 6,000   
7) Prayer for the Unfaithful - by Alisyne Al'draena 8,000   
8) Dedication to The Huntress - by Lyvvia Tytrirka 6,000   
9) The Guided Path - by Shimmah CoIdsilence 14,000   
List is on the Placard, to purchase ORDER # FROM MONK
For usage, see prayer parchments.
On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
small black velvet parchment case studded with tiny silver stars 15,312   
pale alabaster parchment case dusted with sparkling gold flakes 87,250   !!
lacquered teak parchment case 22,500   !!
elegant silverwillow parchment case clasped with a glistening aquamarine dolphin 43,500   !!
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
dove grey cotton parchment satchel beaded with iridescent white opals 6,625   !!
brilliant multicolored parchment satchel embroidered with a coy shrew 4,375   !!
rough burlap parchment satchel 875   !!
black silk parchment satchel appliqued with a fiery red phoenix 9,750   !!
On the wall
Item Price Done
heavy teak parchment coffer engraved with a horned owl 28,750   !!
sleek platinum-banded ivory parchment coffer dusted with glistening black opal chips 652,500   !!
brilliant gold parchment coffer studded with green sapphires 437,500   !!
heavy iron parchment coffer reinforced with thick blued-steel bands 13,125