Scraggly Elothean monk

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Scraggly Elothean monk
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Scriptorium
Type: shopowner


The monk is an ancient Elothean man, hunched over and sickly looking. Scraggly gray hair falls from a halo-like ring about his temples, the top of his head bald and shiny as a newborn baby S'Kra's scales. The old man is draped in a stately yet plain assortment of monk's robes with sweeping scoop-like arms that constantly brush things off his desk as he moves about at a contrastingly youth-like pace.

Conversation Topics

  • CASE: The Elothean monk smiles, "We have a large assortment of cases in which to carry your prayer parchments. Those on the shelf over there will hold a small number, while the ones on the rack can hold a moderate amount." He grins widely and exclaims, "Those displayed on the wall can simply hold a small library!"
  • PARCHMENT/PRAYER: The Elothean monk smiles at you, "I have a wonderful assortment of prayer parchments penned by your very own colleagues!" He points toward a large silver placard hanging just above his desk and continues, "Just read that and order the parchment that you would like from me.
  • TEMPLE: The Elothean monk's ancient face lights up, the wrinkles seemingly increasing in number as his face twists into a joyous grin. "Ah, it is such a wonderful feat, is it not?" He leans over his desk and whispers, "It sure took awhile didn't it?" He shifts back into his uncomfortable-looking chair and grins to himself.