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Ranger caches are akin to the donation shelves found in most guilds. However these areas are only accessible to those that can find and successfully navigate the trail using the Scouting skill. There is one cache per province.

When you find a trail head it will be clearly marked with "the sign of the cache."


  • Ilithi - near the Shadow's Reach village. In the room one east of the steps you climb to reach the village at the top of the talus trail.

[Stormfells, Stonewend] Diminutive white starflowers adorn a skewed triangular patch of sod covering the exposed rock like a gypsy shawl cast aside in haste. Far down the rambling precipice, Blackthorn Canyon looms like a dark bowl of sorrow. Obvious paths: west.

  • Zoluren - in Knife Clan, just after you cross the bridge.
  • Therengia - in Langenfirth, just SE of the entrance to the Ranger guild.
  • Qi -