Resurrection quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Given by: Tallis in the High Priestess's Office upon advancement to 30th circle

If you are a Free accounts player you will also need to stop by the Town Hall citizenship office and ASK the clerk about VISA or TRAVEL for a temporary travel visa after speaking with Tallis.

NOTE: THIS IS A DANGEROUS QUEST, DON’T BRING ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE. You cannot complete this quest without being fully healed at the very end. You will either have to take an empath with you or a lot of herbs. Read this walkthrough thoroughly before you begin.

  1. Climb to the top of the Temple to the High Priestess’s Chambers and ASK TALLIS ABOUT RESURRECTION.
  2. After listening to her talk go down to the Eyes of the Thirteen and go to Urrem’tier’s altar
  3. PULL the candlestick in the room. This will transport you to a special Cleric-only warding room.
  4. Get Goblet then FILL MY GOBLET WITH CHALICE. You might want to get more than one of these just in case you die the first time (can only pick one goblet up every 24 hours). If you have a chalice in your inventory, close off the container holding it.
  5. Now you need to purchase an altar candle from the Riverhaven Cleric Shop or a tall silvery altar candle from the monk's cart in the Temple in Crossing. You might want to bring more than one altar candle just in case. Make sure to bring a flint or lighter along as well.
  6. Head to the altar in the Zaulfung out the east gate using these maps: RanikMap31 and RanikMap31a. The Zaulfung swamp between map 31 and map 31a is an unmapped randomized maze. You’ll need to wander to the Easternmost sections of the swamp until you find a tree that you can climb, climb up the tree, go east, and go down and you’ll be in the mapped area of 31a. Keep Protection from Evil up in this area to prevent the giant skeletal claw from crushing you.
  7. Touch the altar (on map 31a) and pray and you’ll be grabbed by a claw and dragged down. Make sure to stand after the claw grabs you.
  8. Once you're out of the claw use your map again to maneuver your way through the Basilisk and Cinder Beast area to the Stalagtite that you will climb.
  9. Make your way over to the rope bridge and go rope. 100 base ranks in Athletics skill + an athletics buff from the Ranger spell Athleticism are recommended to cross this bridge. Any strength and agility buffs you have access to will also be helpful. If you're bringing someone with you, note that only one person can be on the bridge at a time. Should another try to cross while one is already working their way across, it'll shake the other off the bridge into the area below.
  10. SHUFFLE EAST until you reach the other side
  11. Head eastish till you find a Obelisk, touch it three times to find the order of the statues to the North
  12. Head north and look at each statue to find the correct order, if the Obelisk was fire, cold and shadow then you would touch the statue with the red orb first, then the one with the blue orb, then the one with the black orb. Disregard the room descriptions as the orbs' color is what's important. When I went through the Statue with the blue orb had in the room description talk of shadows and the room with the statue holding the black orb the room description had talk of being cold.
  13. After touching the orbs head to the room to the North, you’ll have to go up each corridor to the northwest and northeast and pull the arm and tail respectively. I went up the Northwest path first to pull the arm. Head back south as soon as possible because this will hurt you.
  14. After pulling the arm, go the other direction and pull the tail, same as the arm, and head south as soon as possible.
  15. Head back to where the paths split northwest and northeast there will now be a new path to the north.
  16. Head north then climb the bank and swim north to the other bank and climb bank again.
  17. Head north and step into the circle in about 30 seconds you’ll be transported. when you step off the circle you’ve been transported. If you see a Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant, run! They can cast magic and will kill you if you stay on the circle.
  18. Move north, northeast, northeast, northwest, northwest and step on another circle and wait again
  19. After stepping off this second circle go south, south, and climb stair
  20. At this point, you are in a safe area, but you must be completely healed to continue. It might be wise to have brought some herbs along or an empath.
  21. Light your altar candle with your flint. After you light the candle, make sure you carry the lit candle in your hand. If you go into the altar without it, you will die.
  22. Get your Goblet and FILL GOBLET WITH WATER at the Fallen Altar. This is a good opportunity to add this altar to your Pilgrim's badge.
  23. GO ALTAR. You need to hold the goblet in one hand and the lit altar candle in the other. DO NOT STAND
  24. DRINK GOBLET, you’ll drink it all up then slowly your spirit will drain away till it gets down to nothing and you’ll enter the void
  25. You’ll hear voices talk for awhile, they’ll ask you if you want to go home. DON’T GO HOME. Search after that, and you’ll see a bridge.
  26. Go bridge, (you won’t be able to) but it’ll trigger the next train of events which will be a bunch of visions, then it will ask you to pray (Use your faith to light the darkness in this world)
  27. PRAY until your spirit returns to the Plane of Abiding and you return to [Maelshyve's Fortress, Fallen Altar].
  28. You’ve now completed the quest and have Resurrection in your spellbook
  29. The easiest way to get out is go back the way you came, you'll reach a dead end where the door opened after pulling the arm and tail, Touch etching and it will teleport you through the wall.