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Repair Basics

All armor, weapons, shields, and tools can be repaired. The exception to this is if the item actually reaches a poor enough condition, individuals may be unable to repair it and it may then only be repaired by an actual repair shop.

Shop Repairs

In Crossing, items may be repaired by Catrox just east of the bank (DIR METAL). Repairs are also done by Randal in Wolf Clan beyond the brook outside the west gate (DIR NONMETAL). (Note that since [TT77] both repairers will repair any item, metal or non-metal.)

They may repair items on a one-by-one basis, or altogether. For single items, just GIVE the item to the repairman. To repair everything that they will work on at once, ASK <person> ABOUT REPAIR ALL. This command removes anything that you are wearing that the repairman works on and starts the repair process. Anything inside of containers that might require repair will have to be individually repaired.

Career-Based Repairs

Several careers enable individuals to do their own repairs. Each one has two separate techniques.
The basic technique permits repairing, while the advanced technique makes their repairs more effective.

It should be noted that both Armorsmithing and Tailoring make shields. As such, it is important to know whether your shield is metal or leather.

Metal Weapon, Armor and Tool Repair

Once the appropriate weaponsmithing, armorsmithing or blacksmithing are known, the repair process is a simple one.

  1. RUB MY item WITH MY wire brush
  2. POUR MY oil ON MY item

Leather Armor Repair

Once the appropriate tailoring techniques are known, the repair process is a simple one.

  1. PUSH MY item WITH MY needles
  2. RUB MY item WITH MY slickstone

Repair of Wood-Based Items

To repair any item you make with a crossbow (tinkering, shaping?) requires two things: sandpaper and stain. Having the repair techs helps a great deal as well. The steps to repair wood-based items are as follows:

  1. RUB MY item WITH MY sandpaper

Conditions of Repairable Goods

For the ranges of condition for repairable goods, see condition.

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