Tinkering techniques

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Technique Descriptions

Crossbow craft

Crossbow Basics

Training with Crossbow Basics will reduce the complexity of making standard crossbow templates.

Balanced Crossbow Crafting

Balanced Crossbow Crafting training will improve your skill with crafting crossbows that are lighter and more agile.

Advanced Balanced Crossbows

Those with knolwedge of Advanced Balanced Crossbows should expect the lighter, more agile arbalest templates easier to craft.

Powerful Crossbow Crafting

Crafters proficient with Powerful Crossbow Crafting will find the difficulty of heavier, harder-hitting crossbow templates reduced.

Advanced Powerful Crossbows

Training with Advanced Powerful Crossbows will reduce the difficulty of crafting the heaviest and most damaging crossbows.

Arbalest Crafting

The technique of Arbalest Crafting will improve your capability with crafting the mighty arbalests.

Exotic Crossbow Crafting

Exotic Crossbow Crafting imparts insight into the more unusual and rare crossbow designs known, reducing the difficulty of crafting them.

Siege Engine Crafting

Rigorous study of Siege Engine Crafting will improve a crafter's skill with assembling these awe-inspiring machines of war.

Tinkered Lamination

Tinkered Lamination provides insight into increasing the durability of tinkered goods.

Advanced Tinkered Enhancement

Experience with Advanced Tinkered Enhancement allows a crafter to adjust a crossbow's draw strength higher or lower.


Advanced Boltmaking

Experience with Advanced Boltmaking will reduce the difficulty of crafting most types of crossbow bolts.

Exotic Boltmaking

Knowledge of Exotic Boltmaking will improve a crafter's skill with the crafting rarer and more complex bolt types.

Siege Ammo Crafting

Acumen with the Siege Ammo Crafting technique will improve crafting of massive ammo types.

Tinkering basics

Simple Gearworking

Knowledge of the Simple Gearworking technique will improve your ability to create mechanisms from a gear press.

Advanced Gearworking

Advanced Gearworking will reduce the time it takes to press mechanisms, and occasionally produce additional mechanisms from each ingot.

Mechanism Crafting

Knowledge of Mechanism Crafting will improve skill with crafting basic geared equipment.

Toy Crafting

Skill with Toy Crafting reduces the frustation of making all sorts of creative toys and fun siegery pieces.

Martial Tinkering

Martial Tinkering improves a crafter's skill with geared items suited for use as weapons.


Martial Tinkering

Martial Tinkering improves a crafter's skill with geared items suited for use as weapons.


Knowledge of the Locksmithing technique will improve crafting skill of basic lockpicks somewhat suited for picking all three types of locks.

Advanced Locksmithing

Advanced Locksmithing training reduces the difficulty of crafting lockpicks well-suited for picking two types of locks.

Exotic Locksmithing

Rigorous study of Exotic Locksmithing enhances a crafter's skill with making lockpicks exceptionally-suited at picking one type of lock.

Repair and maintenance

Tinkered Maintenance

One must excel at Tinkered Maintenance to attempt repair of equipment utilizing gears and mechanisms.

Tinkering Repair

With Tinkering Repair a crafter improves the amount of damage restored with each repair attempt.

Tinkered Rejuvenation

Tinkered Rejuvenation allows complete repair of most badly damaged goods and imparts protection against wear for a short time.

Tinkering Specialization

Knowledge of Tinkering Specialization will improve the quality of all ingredients used to craft with.

Tinkering Theory

Study of Tinkering Theory will improve the quality of any tools used in the crafting process.

Tinkering Acumen

Mastery of Tinkering Acumen reduces the time each crafting action takes, and reduces tool wear during the process.