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Needles are crafting tools used in the Tailoring discipline of the Outfitting skill
See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Needles are created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.

Their repair falls under Tailoring techniques, with standard processes for metal tool repair.


Needles use hardness and weight to derive their potency (harder is better and lower is better)

  Durability Cap Steel
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Store Bought - 12 stones 2 - very delicate 3 - extremely ineffective
plain needles Basic 3 x density 8 - marginally vulnerable 4 - very ineffective
ribbed needles Challenging 3 x density 2 - very delicate 5 - not very effective
knobby needles Complicated 3 x density 9 - average construction 3 - extremely ineffective
thin needles Very Difficult 3 x density 4 - rather flimsy 9 - exceptionally effective


Iron sewing needlesfalseextremely ineffective3very delicate2well7
Steel sewing needles inlaid with electrumfalsenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12
Pure white mistglass sewing needles graced by tiny black riftstonestruetremendously effective11particularly weak5masterfully12
Sewing needles inlaid with lustrous shelltrueexceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6masterfully12
Sewing needles with ruby eyes carved to resemble flamestruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Slender sewing needles with a tiny blemish in the metaltruevery effective8marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Thin sewing needles crafted from animitetruetremendously effective11particularly weak5masterfully12
Whale bone sewing needlestruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12

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