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Wire brushes are used to clean a metal, wood or stone surface when making repairs. Wire brushes can be purchased at forging societies or found as incidental loot on some quests.


  • RUB <item to be repaired> with brush.
  • SCRAPE <item to be repaired> with brush.
  • CLEAN <item to be repaired> with brush.


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #RarityNumber of Uses
Brass wire-bristled brush stamped with a gladiolusexceptional10rather effective7incidental500
Iron wire brushwell-crafted7extremely ineffective3common50
Iron wire brush (1)masterfully12tremendously ineffective2end loot50
Sturdy wire brush with a birch handlewell-crafted7extremely ineffective3common50
Sturdy wire brush with stiff bristleswell-crafted7extremely ineffective3common100
Wire brush accented with blued-steel flowering vinesgift
Wire-bristled brushexceptional10very effective8incidental500

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