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Technique Descriptions


Basic Lumberjacking

Knowledge of Basic Lumberjacking will improve yields when chopping down trees and decrease the chance of disaster striking."

Improved Logging

With training in Improved Logging, foraging higher quality sticks and branches will be possible. Crafters will also find it easier to prepare lumber.

Arboreal Enlightenment

Arboreal Enlightenment represents the pinnacle of lumberjacking knowledge. Not only will foraging produce higher quality materials, but rare trees will more readily be identified while harvesting.


Bowcrafting Basics

An understand of Bowcrafting Basics will enable the crafting of simple bow forms.

Shortbow Shaping

With Shortbow Shaping a crafter masters the more common small bow types.

Longbow Shaping

The Longbow Shaping technique encompasses larger, and harder to draw bow types.

Composite Bow Shaping

Composite Bow Shaping lessons teach the intricacies of assembling bows from an assortment of materials.

Advanced Light Bowcraft

The Advanced Light Bowcraft technique imparts a deeper understanding of ways to reduce the draw strength of all bow types.

Advanced Heavy Bowcraft

Experienced crafters will benefit from the Advanced Heavy Bowcraft technique. This teaches the design secrets of even higher draw strength bows.

Exotic Bowcraft

With training in Exotic Bowcraft, crafters will conquer the most elaborate of bow designs and enable warriors to adjust their own drawstrength during combat.

Bow Lamination

Bow Lamination offers ways to improve the durability of otherwise fragile bows.

Advanced Bow Enhancement

For the two more advanced bow enhancements, this technique instructs the crafter in Cable-backing to further improves the draw strength of most bows, and Lightening to reduce it.


Basic Fletching

Basic Fletching deals with simple arrow creation.

Advanced Fletching

Training with Advanced Fletching imparts knowledge of more advanced arrow designs.

Exotic Fletching


Decorative Wood Shaping

Decorative wood shaping teaches unique tricks and shortcuts for wood adornments and accessories.

Martial Wood Shaping

With knowledge of Martial Wood Shaping, deadly staves may be better crafted.

Exotic Wood Adornments

Through training with Exotic Wood Shaping a number of highly specialized pieces may be fashioned with ease.

Wood Furniture Shaping

The art of crafting most wood furniture and containers will be yours after training in Wood Furniture Shaping.


Simple Clay Shaping

You will know your way around a turntable and improve on most crafts after learning Simple Clay Crafting.

Advanced Clay Shaping

The secrets to more advanced designs become revealed after investing in Advanced Clay Shaping.


Simple Form Shaping

Most humanoid forms will be shapable after taining with Simple Form Shaping

Advanced Image Detailing

Exotic Image Formation

Likeness Shaping

Repair and maintenance

Wood Maintenance

By training with the technique of Wood Maintenance, wood item repair becomes much easier.

Wood Repair

Wood Repair unlocks enhanced repair of very damaged wood items.

Wood Rejuvenation

Wood Rejuvenation will not only repair the most destroyed wood crafts, but also protect them from damage for a time.

Shaper Specialization

Expertise in Shaper Specialization will bonus the quality of ingredients used in the crafting process.

Shaper Theory

Shaper Theory assists crafters by providing an enhancement to their tool quality

Shaper Acumen

Only the most learned crafters understand Shaper Acumen. But in doing so they find speed and tool durability significantly increases.