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The Shimmer Shack
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Jewelry shops, Cosmetics shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Pinch of Glitter

[The Shimmer Shack, A Pinch of Glitter]
Streaks of red, orange and yellow glitter cover the walls and ceiling, the colors mimic that of a sunset without any of the subtly of color. A bright yellow rug of plush cotton takes up the entire floor and shimmers with sprinkles of glitter that have chipped off the walls. Two tables, both coated with glitter, one in orange and one in red, sit side by side, sparkling with any hint of light. A wide archway leads back out.

Obvious exits: northeast, east.

On the red table
Item Price Done
short glass cylinder smudged with purple and green paint 6,765   !!
cloudy glass cylinder speckled with gold 6,765   
slim glass cylinder tied with a slender black ribbon 6,765   
plump glass cylinder tinted in soft pastel hues 6,765   
square glass jar etched with a feathery pattern 6,765   
thick glass jar painted with black and orange stripes 6,765   
sturdy glass jar tied with a red-checked gingham ribbon 6,765   
delicate glass bottle etched with the outline of a dove 6,765   
white glass bottle painted with pastel-hued polka dots 6,765   
frosted glass bottle dusted with crystalline shards 6,765   
"The containers on this table hold 75 uses of glitter and can be refilled with the device in the next room."
On the orange table
Item Price Done
simple glass ampule marked with a skull-and-crossbone 4,510   
stained glass ampule depicting the image of grapevines 4,510   
rounded glass ampule etched with a cresting wave 4,510   
misshapen glass phial with a crazed surface 4,510   
curved glass phial stamped with a golden sun 4,510   
sleek glass phial banded with narrow silver cords 4,510   
tapered glass vial decorated with a miniature tropical lei 4,510   
petite glass vial etched with the image of a winged heart 4,510   
narrow glass vial twined with curling silk ribbons 4,510   
slender glass vial painted to resemble the night sky 4,510   
"The containers on this table hold 50 uses of glitter and can be refilled with the device in the next room."

Body Shine

[The Shimmer Shack, Body Shine]
Black paint, only lightly sprinkled with glitter, coats the ceiling, walls and floor. Here and there, using white, yellow and purple hues, the suggestion of stars is depicted upon the dark background. The brightest spots of color are the tables placed about the room, each one decked out in a single color of glitter paint.

Obvious exits: east, southwest.

On the violet table
Item Price Done
night-black jar dusted with sparkly red glitter - You have a pair of interlocking sparkly red hearts painted on your arm. The word "NOPE" has been printed beneath the hearts, each bold black letter outlined in rainbow-hued glitter. 27,060   
plump jar covered in glittering black fur - You have a large black tarantula painted on the back of your left hand. A dusting of black, indigo and silver glitter gives it a sparkly, slightly furry appearance. 27,060   
slender jar painted with a swipe of rainbow glitter - You have a tangle of thorny vines painted on your right shoulder. Sparkling with a vibrant array of colors, a glittering songbird perches upon one verdant thorn. 27,060   
pearly white jar stoppered with a diamond heart - You have a pearly white unicorn painted on your right forearm, the majestic beast posed mid-prance upon a sparkling rainbow of brightly hued glitter. A pair of heart-shaped diamonds rest beneath the colorful arch. 27,060   
tri-color ceramic jar covered in glitter - You have three moons painted on your left shoulder, each filled in with sparkling crimson, azure or gold-flecked ebony glitter. 27,060   
square jar covered in silver and gold glitter - You have chains of sparkling silver and gold knotwork wrapped around both forearms, the interwoven lines forming a coruscating pattern accented with swipes of royal blue glitter. 27,060   
"The paint on this table will work for anyone."
On the magenta table
Item Price Done
roughly carved sandstone jar mottled with red and black glitter - You have a glossy black scorpion painted onto your ankle, its lustrous stinger poised to strike. Streaks of ruby-red and sand-hued glitter swirl around its legs, glistening brightly against your scales. 22,550   
brushed steel jar speckled with matte glitter - You have a trio of steely grey vipers circling your upper arm, the sinuous snakes painted onto your scales in a blend of matte and glossy glitter. Their eyes are tiny, milky white agates, the round gems bisected by jet-black inclusions. 22,550   
banded porcelain jar speckled with rosy-red glitter - You have a pair of glittering black and white kingsnakes intertwined together to form a labyrinthine design encircling your tail. Droplets of amaranth-hued glitter speckle the scales on your tail, forming a deep rosy-red aura around the snakes. 22,550   !!
glossy black jar swirled with fiery-hued glitter - You have a mighty dragon painted on your forearm, detailed with matte black and grey glitter. Splashes of fiery-hued glitter spew forth from its fanged maw, spiraling down to end in a coil of flame on the scales covering the back of your hand. 22,550   
petite sandstone jar stoppered with a glittering sunstone - You have a lace-like pattern of indigo and gold glitter encircling your neck. Tiny sunstones dapple the shimmering lattice, the luminous jewels shaded in warm hues of red and copper. 22,550   
egg-shaped clay jar painted with white and blue glitter - You have a glittering golden egg painted on your left shoulder, the oval patterned with rows of white and blue diamonds. A dusting of opalescent glitter cradles the egg before trailing down the scales on your arm in gently swooping arcs. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have scales."
On the yellow table
Item Price Done
dark glass jar painted with a golden moon - You have a night-black crow stained into the fur covering your left shoulder, streaks of dark blue and purple glitter highlighting its sleek plumage. The bird is perched on a large golden moon, spidery cracks arcing across its lustrous surface. 22,550   
honey-gold jar striped with black and white glitter - You have a glittering black and white honey badger stained into the fur covering your left forearm. The pudgy beast is curled up, as though sleeping, but one golden-amber eye remains open. 22,550   
sparkling silver jar streaked with rainbow glitter - You have a sparkling silver butterfly stained into the fur covering your right shoulder, its large wings painted with multicolored streaks of rainbow glitter. 22,550   
glistening blue-white jar patterned with golden stars - You have a trinity of vibrant gold stars stained into the fur covering the back of your right hand. The sparkling stars form a perfect equilateral triangle, its points connected by a glimmering trail of blue-white glitter. 22,550   
plain white jar tied with a glittering red ribbon - You have a sparkling wheel pattern stained into the fur covering your right forearm. A luminous blood-red crystal glistens at its center and wisps of blue and gold glitter twine about the ghostly white spokes. 22,550   
midnight purple jar swirled with crimson glitter - You have a cascade of midnight purple and crimson trillium flowers stained into the fur covering your left shoulder. The dramatically colored blooms sparkle with a light dusting of pale silver glitter. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have fur."
On the red table
Item Price Done
brown clay jar splashed with honey-colored glitter - You have a shaggy brown bear painted on your right arm. Seated, the portly ursine is clutching a clay jar overflowing with amber-hued honey. Sparkling glitter daubs his furry paws and pools on the ground around him. 22,550   
bone-white jar painted with vivid glitter blooms - You have the image of a skull overlaying the features of your face. Simple depictions of brightly colored flowers dot the ghostly white skull, the pattern dusted with a sparkling layer of matching glitter. 22,550   
dark violet jar dotted with leaf-green glitter - You have an assortment of stylized wildflowers painted on your left arm. The simple blooms, daubed with sparkling glitter, are accented with pale green leaves and spiraling vine-like tendrils. 22,550   
porcelain jar banded with bold blue glitter - You have a series of bold blue bands encircling both biceps, the shimmering stripes painted with a blend of richly shaded glitter. 22,550   
sea-green jar painted with glittering seashells - You have a glittering mermaid seated upon a rock painted on your left forearm. Blue-white waves crest around the shapely figure, sending sprays of opalescent glitter trailing across your arm. 22,550   
wine-red jar patterned with silvery black glitter - You have a pattern of sparkling knotwork wrapped around your right arm from shoulder to wrist. Wine-red roses, limned in deep red glitter, twine around the silvery black lines. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have skin."

Sparkle Faces

[The Shimmer Shack, Sparkle Faces]
White glitter paint backs the images of frolicking figures that are painted upon the walls. Every race appears to be represented, from the tiny male Gnome wearing a tutu to a female Gor'Tog caught in the middle of an impressive leap. Each figure sports some form of decoration on their face. Glitter painted tables are huddled in the center of the room over a sparkling rug of blue and green.

Obvious exits: south, west.

On the teal table
Item Price Done
night-black jar splashed with silver glitter - A glittering black and silver crescent moon. 18,040   
bright yellow ceramic jar studded with glittering rhinestones - A glittering yellow-orange sun with sparkling rhinestone rays. 18,040   
silvery jar sprinkled with blue-white glitter - A glittering blue-white lighting bolt surrounded by silvery clouds. 18,040   
polished gold jar dappled with green glitter - A pattern of glittering green and gold leaves. 18,040   
violet-tinged glass jar dotted with pink glitter - A glittering pink butterfly with blue-violet markings. 18,040   
black ceramic jar streaked with bright orange glitter - A pattern of glittering black and orange tiger stripes. 18,040   !!
"The paint on this table will work for anyone."
On the black table
Item Price Done
amber-hued jar smeared with lines of red and brown glitter - You have autumnal-hued glitter swiped across the scales of your face, forming a shimmering pattern of irregular lines that accentuate your features. 22,550   
delicate rose-shaped crystal jar - You have a glittering red-petaled rose painted onto the crown of your head. Leafy vines, colored in a blend of verdant hues, twine around the blooming flower before tumbling in loose spirals down the back of your neck. 22,550   
pink marble jar accented with dark red glitter - You have delicate groupings of hhyssk'et blossoms painted at both temples, the shimmering pale pink petals trailing down to end just above the curve of your jaw. Dark red glitter lines the edges of each petal. 22,550   
squat clay jar painted with blue glitter stripes - You have three glittering blue stripes crossing over your snout, the lines narrowing and fanning out across your face in wispy tendrils that follow the curvature of your scales. 22,550   
metallic scale-patterned jar - You have the visage of a noble dragon painted on your face, overlaying your own features. Metallic streaks of glitter, in complementary shades, accentuate the design. 22,550   
ivory jar decorated with golden glitter - You have an intricate knotwork pattern of glittering white and gold lines painted around your eyes, accentuating your facial scales. Small red crystals dot the sinuous design. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have scales."
On the purple table
Item Price Done
bright golden jar painted with a multi-rayed sun - You have a multi-rayed sun stained into the fur covering your forehead, the bright yellow and orange lines filled in with sparkling glitter accented with tiny gold discs. 22,550   
faded black jar dusted with blue glitter - You have tiny inky black and midnight blue spots stained into the fur covering your face, the irregular shapes forming a rosette pattern of darkly glimmering glitter. 22,550   
sleek black jar wrapped in a golden ribbon - You have a grouping of sleek black crow feathers stained into the fur covering your right temple. A narrow golden ribbon, beaded with red and blue glitter, twines around their quills, joining them together. 22,550   
stone jar covered in blue and gold glitter - You have a disc formed from blue and gold glitter stained into the fur covering your left cheek. A pair of crescent moon-shaped crystals rest within the vividly sparkling circle. 22,550   
silvery-white jar stoppered with a pale moonstone - You have a sparkling triquetra stained into the fur covering your forehead, the tri-pointed knot formed from silvery-white glitter. Tiny glistening moonstones adorn the pattern, evenly spaced along its curving lines. 22,550   
blue jar striped with golden glitter - You have streaks of blue, white and gold glitter stained into the fur covering your face, the sparkly lines accentuating your features. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have fur."
On the white table
Item Price Done
pale silver jar dusted with opalescent glitter - You have a pattern of pale silver spiderwebs painted on your face. Dusted with opalescent glitter, the shimmering lines overlay the features of your face. 22,550   
round jar striped with orange and black glitter - You have bright orange and black stripes painted on your face, the tiger-like pattern liberally dusted with sparkling glitter. 22,550   
glass jar covered in red teardrops - You have a series of sanguine-hued teardrops painted below your right eye, the sparkling tears tumbling down your cheek and leaving wispy trails of pink and red glitter in their wake. 22,550   
narrow jar swirled with rainbow glitter - You have narrow lines of rainbow glitter painted on your face, the sparkling streaks of color outlining your features. 22,550   
red jar painted with a sleeping dragon - You have a slumbering red dragon painted above your left eye, its long tail curving down and around to end in a loose spiral on your cheek. A light dusting of golden glitter sparkles across its scaly body. 22,550   
heart-shaped jar splashed with gold glitter - You have a sparkly red heart, outlined in lustrous gold glitter, painted around your right eye. 22,550   
"The paint on this table will only work if you have skin."

Rainbow Sapphire Collection

[The Shimmer Shack, The Rainbow Sapphire Collection]
Every imaginable color of glitter is sprayed across the walls in what might be an odd attempt at a rainbow. Three tables sit evenly spaced about the area, each one painted a combination of hues. A shimmering white rug is tucked under everything and reflects back the mad mass of colors that fill the room.
You also see a glittery pink sign and a glitter covered notice.
Obvious exits: north, west.

A glittery pink sign reads:

*While the specific details are unknown, two artisans, Mister Garnaal Arnskeg and Glitter Advisor Kimallus, 
were credited with the discovery of the rainbow sapphire, however, both refuse to comment on where in Ilithi the 
gems were found.  Rumors speculate that both parties have been quietly feuding for many years, and it is assumed 
that the precious rainbow sapphire is just one more reason for their continued denial of the other's existence.*

A glitter covered notice reads:

                         **The Shimmer Shack is proud to introduce its exclusive Rainbow Sapphire Collection.**

*Discovered locally, these magnificent tri-color gems have been carefully cut, mounted and polished in a manner suited to 
best display their unique beauty and multicolored charm.  Every rainbow sapphire exhibits a dark blue hue that, when faceted, 
subtly flows into two different colors.  If left uncut, the sapphire's colors are muddied and appear dull and discolored.*
On the green table
Item Price Done
fluted silver wedding torque with square rainbow sapphire-inlaid terminals 144,320   
lustrous platinum nuptial band with a magnificent cathedral-set rainbow sapphire 121,770   
anniversary ring set with a rainbow sapphire encircled by a halo of diamonds 112,750   
narrow wedding toe-ring set with a prominent oval-cut rainbow sapphire 103,730   
spiraling tri-color wedding tailband channel-set with brilliant rainbow sapphires 126,280   
fancy friendship ring displaying a pair of square-cut rainbow sapphires 112,750   
promise ring comprised of linked rose gold hearts set with rainbow sapphires 117,260   
platinum engagement ring set with an antique miner-cut rainbow sapphire 108,240   
knife-edged oath ring gypsy-set with three rainbow sapphires 99,220   
sleek blued steel bonding ring bead-set with an array of rainbow sapphires 90,200   
"Each family may buy one item from this surface. Wrapping will be provided."
On the blue table
Item Price Done
narrow rose gold toe-ring dangling a rainbow sapphire bead 38,786   
twisted black gold manacle clasped with a pillow-cut rainbow sapphire 108,240   
darkened silver finger claw adorned with slivers of rainbow sapphire 80,278   
blued steel prayer beads graced with a briolette-cut rainbow sapphire 67,650   
lustrous bangle of flame-kissed gold gypsy-set with rainbow sapphires 126,280   
trio of thin platinum rings channel-set with rainbow sapphires 72,160   
slender girdle of delicate filigree twined around rose-cut rainbow sapphires 144,320   
slim velvet choker suspending a rainbow sapphire caged in rose gold 49,610   
elegantly styled wirework circlet centered with a trilliant-cut rainbow sapphire 45,100   
pair of brushed steel bracers displaying large rainbow sapphire cabochons 31,570   
"Each family may buy one item from this surface."
On the orange table
Item Price Done
rainbow sapphire amulet strung upon an Elven silver chain 63,140   
thick platinum chain suspending a massive rainbow sapphire 54,120   
beveled tri-gold pinky ring flaunting a star-shaped rainbow sapphire 40,590   
leather-trimmed brushed steel armband flush-set with a trio of rainbow sapphires 49,610   
triple-strand anklet suspending rainbow sapphire teardrops 130,790   
wide-banded thumb ring boasting a square-cut rainbow sapphire 36,080   
delicate chain bracelet sparkling with tiny rainbow sapphires 135,300   
spiraling crystal wristcuff adorned with an array of rainbow sapphires 72,160   
pair of pendent rainbow sapphire earrings 108,240   
golden stud earring set with a trillion-cut rainbow sapphire 31,570   
"Each family may buy one item from this surface."

Dose of Shimmer

[The Shimmer Shack, A Dose of Shimmer]
The entire ceiling is painted with blue glitter, globs of glitter have left trails down the green of the walls. Flowers, made of brightly hued glitter, are artistically drawn around the bottom half of the area and atop the wooden tables. A carpet of long green strands shimmers, as it too is littered with left over shards of glitter. Tucked into one corner is a device with half a dozen legs and made from many different sized barrels and vials all connected by glass pipes that appear to be filled with yet more glitter. Every so often the device belches smoke filled with a rainbow of glitter.

Obvious exits: east, west.

The Glitter Device:A spout sticks out from what might be the front of this strange contraption and a small sign 
on a chain hangs from one side.  The sign reads "Refill your glitter containers here!" in bright, glittery letters.
On the flower-painted table
Item Price Done
clear glass vessel painted to resemble the sky at dusk 13,530   
scalloped glass vessel tinted in varying shades of blue 13,530   
smoky glass orb faintly etched with the image of a blooming rose 13,530   
smooth glass orb bisected by a thin gold band 13,530   
sleeping glass dragon with a pair of bronzed wings 13,530   
scintillating glass dragon covered in red gold scales 13,530   
big glass flask covered in rusty red stains 13,530   !!
large glass bottle wrapped in a length of abyssal black leather 13,530   
grinning glass cow with small golden horns 13,530   
white glass cow with black spots and pink udders 13,530   
"The containers on this table hold 150 uses of glitter and can be refilled with the device in the corner."
On the painted table
Item Price Done
small tinted glass jug splotched with specks of paint 9,020   
small clear glass jug painted with red and pink stripes 9,020   
small brown glass jug with a rounded handle 9,020   
bubbled glass sphere streaked with narrow golden filaments 9,020   
dark glass sphere swirled with tiny silver stars 9,020   
burnished glass sphere polished to a mirror-bright shine 9,020   
opaque glass flask painted with a silver snowflake 9,020   
fat glass flask blackened with soot 9,020   
triangular glass flask wrapped in a length of beaded gold chain 9,020   
rounded glass flask etched with alchemical symbols 9,020   
"The containers on this table hold 100 uses of glitter and can be refilled with the device in the corner."