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This is a type of gem.

It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations, but can be purchased from the catalog in Shoiya's Gems on Aesry.


ItemSource isRare item
Alabaster and khor'vela mask with a pyrope icesilk blindfold binding the eyesSplit Personalities (3)true
AthlomiShoiya's Gemstrue
Band (2)Shoiya's Gemstrue
ChokerGrisgonda's Gems and JewelsGrisgonda's Gems and Jewels (obsolete)Shoiya's GemsSvra'an's Fine Jewelrytrue
EarcuffExtreme ShopShoiya's Gemstrue
HaedorShoiya's Gemstrue
Immaculate cameo trailed by alabaster faces increasingly desiccated by khor'velaSplit Personalities (3)true
Interleaved gold and brass ring with pyrope shards set around an empty colletSplit Personalities (3)true
IsaelShoiya's Gemstrue
Item:AthlomiShoiya's Gemsfalse
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