Pumpkin Contest 2014

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A contest run by GM Naohhi in 2014.


October through November (Octovember) will be all about pumpkins! We're giving you all an extra month this year so you can show off Halloween pumpkins, too. Your pumpkins can be carved, drawn on, decorated, or artistically smashed to pieces. Show us your creativity! If you're sharing a baked good, be prepared to share a recipe along with your submission. (Please?!)

The Prizes

Three winners total (across all instances unless enough submissions are made to allow us to separate instances out) will be chosen.

Prize pool:
1st place - Custom title of "Pumpkin Smasher" and pick of one quest treasure item from a previous quest and a complete set of engineering tools tied a bandolier
2nd place - Pick of one quest treasure item from a previous quest and complete set of engineering tools tied a bandolier.
3rd place - A complete set of engineering tools tied to a bandolier.

thick bandolier with steel gear and cog-shaped buckles
set of polished chisels
thick bone saw with a solid oak handle
sturdy rifflers
thick rasp with a leather-wrapped handle
oak-handled pliers

How to Win

  • Please keep in mind that entries will be made public for voting. With that said, that means that no submission may contain nudity or in other ways violate the TOS or our game rating of E.
  • With each entry, please include a sign in your photo that contains your character or account name. Entries that lack this or appear to be stolen off the interwebs will be disqualified.
  • Entries should be emailed to DR-EVENTS@play.net by December 1st, 2014 with a subject title of "My Pumpkin - yourCharacterName" (For example: My Pumpkin - Naohhi)
  • Please include your account name and instance in the email.


  • Will the instances have separate winning groups?

-Only if there are enough submissions to warrant the separation. If not, all submissions will be pooled together.

  • I want to submit my glorious pumpkin cupcakes, but I cannot share the recipe because it's secret.

-Submit the picture anyway.

Entries and Results