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Yamcer Neujahr
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Warrior Mage Yamcer Neujahr, Arcana Expert of the Ilithi Infantry, an Elf.
Yamcer has pointed ears and black eyes. His grey-streaked black hair is long and straight, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
Ten platinum Dokoras float lazily around his right hand, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin.
He appears to be young.
He has a tattoo of a white rose encircled by a blood-stained thorny vine on his arm.


The 8th day of the 2nd month of Ka'len the Sea Drake in the year of the Golden Panther, 303 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
Married Fyrelace
You affirmed your vows before the gods in the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Iron Toad, 361.
Unbonded Fyrelace
in year 375
Bonded Belphoebe
You affirmed your vows before the gods in the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 400.

Military career

Joined the Zolurn Infantry during the Sorrow War. He eventually became a Lieutenant in the Wolfhounds protecting the north gate area of crossing.

In the year 399, joined the Ilithia Infantry

  • Promoted to Sergeant in the Lotus Battalion in the year 403.


  • Father is Everdeath
  • Mother is Tristianna
  • Daughter from first wife, Fyrelace, is Akaira



an antiqued folded steel ring forming a coiled viper with dark cambrinth eyes
Glistening like twin drops of poison, tiny Ilithi emeralds hang from the very tips of the serpent's fangs.
"If the bite doesn't kill, the venom will."
a viper skin weapon harness blotched with suspicious oil stains
Sinuous scales coil around the harness, mimicking the appearance of a sleeping snake. The supple leather has been pockmarked in numerous places, reminiscent of the acidic spray from deadly poisons. Several large blade-shaped splotches indicate that perhaps the scars accumulated from multiple nefarious sources both inside and out. The shoulder strap is held to the main body of the harness by silver serpent fang-shaped clasps.
"Sleep -- How I loathe those little slices of death."
some scale-patterned sun goggles with dark lenses framed in platinum
The coils of a viper wrap around the shapely rims, artfully designed to fit snugly on the face. Dark crystal lenses the color of cooled ash conceal the wearer's eyes, and connecting side-shields of the same hue help protect them from such hazards as sun, wind, water, or flying debris. Inscribed on the outside of the goggles is a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords, the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild.
a sinuous viper skin haversack clasped with needle-sharp fangs
Discoloration and acid-etched stains form streaks down from the clasp, indicating the fangs were fresh when attached to the supple viper skin. The seams are reinforced with strands of steelsilk, and a hard leather lining keeps the container's shape regardless of its contents. Several lockpick-sized padded pockets are nestled in the interior, each one closing with a small silver clasp shaped like a viper's fang.
a broad-bladed partisan with viper skin-covered shaft
Eighteen hands from end to end, the broad spearhead of this partisan is forged from woodgrain-patterned steel. The pristine metal has green-tinted lines etched into it by some acidic substance. A couple of viper fangs dangle on leather thongs from the base of the spearhead. The shaft is covered in the supple skin of a viper, allowing the scales to give a secure grip in the fiercest of battles.
a sly looking Elf hand-puppet dressed as a fearsome Warrior Mage
A tiny ball of black firesilk nestles in the puppet's hand. The red silk threads used in the warp of the fabric make the fireball appear to shimmer with fire as the light catches it.


You make a poking motion inside the hand-puppet and gaze at it. The miniature Elven War Mage turns slowly to face you. After a moment of contemplation the puppet throws a tiny fireball made of black firesilk in your general direction.
You make a pinching motion inside the hand-puppet and dip it slightly. The miniature Elven War Mage grips a tiny talisman in its hand before a plush panther drops out of it on a string. The panther dances about on its tether before retracting back up inside the talisman.
an elegantly tailored suit of deep dark-green steelsilk
The intricate flow of this suit will exude a dapperness at the fanciest ball or the fiercest of fights. The cloth has a subtle scale pattern embroidered into the quilting of the padded garment, giving the piece the appearance of serpents coiled about the body. Two gems dot the cuff of each sleeve, a pair of Ilithi emeralds on the right and brilliant rubies on the left. Needle-sharp fang cufflinks complete the illusion, anointing each wrist with the visage of a giant thicket viper and magma viper.
"Tailored to fit Yamcer Neujahr."
an enveloping hood cut from the finest steelsilk
The dark green steelsilk has been quilted with a scale like pattern. Curving up about the head, this padded hood provides both protection and shadows for the face. Draping over the neck and shoulders of the wearer, the fine fabric dangles charms made from the fangs of various venomous snakes, each tipped in a green-tinted substance.
some dark green steelsilk gloves missing the thumb and first finger
Extra quilting on the back of the hand provides some protection while minimizing any hindrance to manual dexterity. The supple steelsilk is woven tight over the palm and the remaining three digits leaving the thumb and first finger free for any fine manipulations and the use of the tactile sense. A viper snakes around each cuff, mouth to tail, in a never ending circle.
a muted steelsilk belt buckled with a polished wormwood viper skull
The serpent's head, whose maw is open with the forked tongue used as the prong, has a smokey thealstone eye which emits a soft and eerie glow. Delicate scales in intricate detail have been carved into the wood giving a life like appearance. The darkened steelsilk is quilted to mimic the body of the viper swallowing its own tail when worn.
Hides belt worn items
a haralun-banded staff capped with a large cambrinth orb
Carved thealstones resembling serpents have been worked into the dark ironwood of this elegant weapon. A particularly large stone shaped like a viper's open maw caps the shaft, and within the mouth is an orb of solid cambrinth lit eerily from below. The well-used haralun ferrule appears to have trace remnants of some sticky green substance.
a pair of full seat equestrian tights made from platinum-hued shadesatin
Although they seem like a bit of trouble to get into, the tights are form-fitting to provide unrestricted movement. The bootcut style is perfect for schooling, trail riding or endurance races, and can easily tuck into a half chap or tall winter boot. The high compression threads of the fabric serve to support the rider, offering a secure grip in the saddle. Dramatic shadows dance across the material's surface, their size and shape dependant on the amount and type of light in the area.
a pair of soft-soled snakeskin boots with huge scorpion diamonds on the toes
The natural beauty of the supple scales has been preserved in the delicate tanning process. The shaft is molded to comfortably fit the ankle and calf with a trick of the tailoring to give the illusion of a serpent constricting.
Sure footing spell


an animite ring with an elaborate intaglio detailing a sleeping panther
A panther curled about itself with its head resting atop crossed paws is carved on the flat of the ring.
Astoshe's Eclipse Ring - app 481250 kronars
a slate-grey cloak of pure spidersilk that is embroidered with tiny spiders in silvery thread and is edged in heavy black braid
a slate-grey spidersilk cloak that is draped in tattered webbing that obscures the black braid edging and the embroidery beneath
1) The spidersilk cloak is smooth and sleek, with a texture like that of flowing water.
2) The spidersilk cloak is draped with faint threads of webbing that are clumped into scattered bundles.
3) The fabric of the cloak is marred by silvery spiderweb tracings and a few empty insect husks.
4)The fabric of the cloak is liberally draped with cobwebs and trailing bits of tattered spidersilk. Insect legs, wings, and carapaces are hung throughout the webs, grisly remnants of a spider's last meal.
Magical - living spider cloak
some ghoulskin boots colored pale grey splotched with sickly green
The ghoulskin boots look light and very comfortable, despite its horrible origins.
Magical - balance booster
a rough-hewn spruce panther totem
The panther's tail is covered with faceted citrine octagons in a rippling pattern that seems to shift subtly with every movement. A set of polished ivory teeth protrude from its jaw, seemingly ready to bite off any offending fingers that wander too close. The eyes are a pair of perfectly clear crystals, shining brightly with hidden wisdom. The panther appears to be in the middle of a particularly good stretch.
Push - light - 1 charge
Wave - Bless weapon - 2 charges
Point - Stat boost - 3 charges
Shake - Skill boost - 5 charges
Kiss - Favor orb - 10 charges
Raise - 20% chance RPA - Remaing charges
Clean - 1 per week - need an item that alter takes for favor (knife, Dusk berry)
a clockwork spider
Deftly crafted from tiny panels of glittering gold, the spider is fashioned to resemble a spider of the birdcatcher species.
The glittering gold birdcatcher spider has dragonfire amber along each side of its abdomen, a cluster of eyes made of tiny chips of plum garnet, and ruby shards faintly dotting each of the legs. A pair of tiny niello fangs jut from the spider's head.


Yamcer Vault List