Pumpkin Contest 2013

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A pumpkin carving contest run by GM Naohhi in 2013. Entrants carved a pumpkin in real life, then sent in pictures for judging.

Thanks to a lovely suggestion from one of you, we're going to host yet another fall themed contest. This one is all about pumpkins. Your pumpkins can be carved, drawn on, decorated, or artistically smashed to pieces. Show us your creativity! (Please no baked goods, unless you just want to share a recipe!)



  • Please keep in mind that entries will be made public for voting. With that said, that means that no costume may contain nudity or in other ways violate the TOS or our game rating.
  • With each entry, please include a sign in your photo that contains your character's name and HE 2013. Entries that lack this or appear to be stolen off the interwebs will be disqualified.
  • Entries should be emailed to DR-EVENTS@play.net by December 1st, 2013 with a subject title of "My Pumpkin - yourCharacterName" (For example: My Pumpkin - Naohhi)
  • Please include your account name and instance in the email.