Sungrove Hub

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Sungrove City

Positioned between many of the larger Hubs, the city started off as simply a place where many came together for spring festivals. As time passed; however, many Prydaen chose to stay in some of the permanent structures that had arisen, making their homes here. Soon enough, small farms began to spread out here, providing fresh milk and sometimes raw meats. As any city is wont to do, Sungrove prospered as more Prydaen chose to make trade here and the city soon earned a name for being a popular place to get resources.

In some ways, the city was something of a capital to the Prydaen. Many of the other races in the west, such as the Olvi, the Rakash, and the Humans were welcomed here for trading, as this was a great way to get materials the Prydaen themselves did not have access to.