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Description: Describes the type of damage that an ability can do
Type: string
Allows Value: Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Vitality damage, Attunement damage, Concentration damage, Fatigue damage, Spirit damage, Balance damage, Nerve damage

There are currently 75 items in this property, 6 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Abandoned Heart +Fatigue damage  +, Spirit damage  +
Acid Splash +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +, Impact damage  +,
Aesrela Everild +Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +
Aethrolysis +Cold damage  +, Electrical damage  +
Air Lash +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +
Ambush Choke +Fatigue damage  +
Ambush Clout +Concentration damage  +
Anger the Earth +Balance damage  +
Arbiter's Stylus +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +


Beckon the Naga +Impact damage  +
Blood Burst +Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +
Blufmor Garaen +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +, Impact damage  +,
Breath of Storms +Puncture damage  +, Cold damage  +, Electrical damage  +
Burn +Puncture damage  +, Fire damage  +


Carrion Call +Slice damage  +, Fire damage  +
Chain Lightning +Fire damage  +, Electrical damage  +
Chill Spirit +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +, Spirit damage  +
Crystal Dart +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +


Desert's Maelstrom +Balance damage  +
Devitalize +Impact damage  +, Cold damage  +, Fatigue damage  +
Dinazen Olkar +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +
Dragon's Breath +Puncture damage  +, Fire damage  +


Eagle's Cry +Cold damage  +, Puncture damage  +
Electrostatic Eddy +Nerve damage  +
Eylhaar's Feast +Spirit damage  +
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