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Description: This property contains notes assigned to materials with further important information about the use of that material in an Alteration, as seen on the "required materials lists".
Type: text

There are currently 97 items in this property, 3 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Amlothite +''Planetary Gem''  +
Asketine +''runestone material''  +
Aurora opal +''Immokokkon Gem''  +
Avaes +''runestone material''  +
Axinite +''runestone material''  +
Azurite +''runestone material''  +


Black gold +LOOK restriction; can not be applied to a different-noun item  +


Calavarite +''runestone material''  +
Celeste +''runestone material''  +
Celestite +''runestone material''  +
Chakrel +LOOK restriction; only jewelry-type items allowed  +
Champagne diamond +''Immokokkon Gem''  +


Dalterein diamond +''Immokokkon Gem''  +
Dawgolite +''Planetary Gem''  +
Drusy quartz +rare colors to be provided  +
Durgauldite +''Planetary Gem''  +


Elanthite +''Planetary Gem''  +
Elbaite +''runestone material''  +
Er'qutrite +''Planetary Gem''  +
Erythrite +''runestone material''  +
Estrildite +''Planetary Gem''  +


Fae bone +also fey bone  +
Fire Maiden topaz +''Immokokkon Gem''  +
Firecat pelt +has magical properties in armor  +
Firesilk opal +Defunct Gem. Okay to use in alterations IF the player has it.  +
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