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Items containing material may cast the Arc Light spell.

Alteration Properties

In Dragonrealms, Calavarite has a metallic lustre, and its color may range from a silvery white to a brassy yellow. It has no other associations with the real life Calaverite mineral.

It is an uncommon material that must be provided for alterations. Intricate detailing via carving is not possible though engraving is fine.


ItemSource isRare item
Gold-filled calavarite wristletNight Sky's HairRiver DreamerRusty BarnacleNorth Wind's Skimmertrue
Inscribed calavarite broochMuseum of Imperial Historytrue
Item:Gold-filled calavarite wristletNight Sky's HairRiver DreamerRusty Barnaclefalse
Item:Inscribed calavarite broochMuseum of Imperial Historyfalse
Item:Shining calavarite runestoneSierack's Reagents (obsolete)Random creature dropfalse
Shining calavarite runestoneSierack's ReagentsRandom creature dropSierack's Reagents (obsolete)Trading Post (1)true


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