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Items containing this material may cast the Instinct spell. Formerly it cast the Sphere of Protection spell.

Alteration Properties

In DragonRealms, elbaite is a stone that is colorful, similar to the rainbows playing off the surface of a soap bubble. It has no other associations with the real life elbaite.

It is an uncommon material that must be provided for alterations. Intricate detailing via carving is not possible though engraving is fine.


ItemSource isRare item
Colorful elbaite runestoneSierack's ReagentsRandom creature dropSierack's Reagents (obsolete)Trading Post (1)true
Item:Colorful elbaite runestoneSierack's Reagents (obsolete)Random creature dropfalse
Item:Pair of misty pink elbaite toe-ringsMorum Melgorehntrue
Pair of misty pink elbaite toe-ringsMonyah's Miscellany (1)Monyah's Miscellany (2)Morum Melgorehntrue
Sunny yellow silk cloak with an elbaite rainbow claspHollow Eve Festival 417/Rafflestrue


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