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Re: Zoluren Town Meetings for January · on 1/12/2011 10:56:29 PM 5167
We didn't send in the request soon enough, our bad.

Quick summary of tonight's meeting:

-A quick rundown of past meetings.
-Went over Jeyngle, Jayngle and their sister Gloribell's escape from Drelstead Prison. They were young elves working off whatever sentence they had by making toys for Krisnick.
-Discussed the invasion of Therengia by Viggu. Apparently some enterprising folks attempted to find his lair which angered him.
-Discussed a report from an anonymous source that some necromancers and accomplices will be attempting to abduct people for torturing and experimentation.
-The meeting was crashed by a zombie, three people died but eventually the threat was taken care of.

[Behind the Amphitheater, Supply Stand] Trampled grass and a pair of lingering mud puddles mar the once lush lawn surrounding the amphitheater. Pickaxes and shovels lean against tables full of supplies, behind which sits a surly-looking Dwarf. You also see a pure white alfar avenger, a misshapen Shadow Servant, a sapphire-eyed black panther that is sitting and a grass path leading to the town green. Also here: Holy Woman Kezurek who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Lasciel, Martial Artist Rozze, Steel Heart Cyiarriah, Diplomat Marmic, Native Altras, Sister Jaleshia, All-Seeing Tiakim, Elemental Protector Meara, Magma Viper Itala, Battle Empath Mystiri, Nesra, Untamed Talliska, Guard Addisyn, Mentalist Azaerul and Mythologian Alexsei. Obvious paths: east.
Alexsei says, "Greetings everyone, and welcome to this new Zoluren Town Meeting. I want to take a moment to thank you all for attending, on behaf of the White Rose."

Alexsei says, "I want to take just a short moment to apologize about the lack of announcements for our town meetings in this period - a mishap on our part meant it did not get announced as usual. Sorry for that."

Alexsei says, "In any case - for those who do not know me, I am Alexsei Krauser, Vice-Speaker for the White Rose, and I bid you welcome to this Town Meeting."

Alexsei says, "For those who are with us for the first time, let me quickly go over what the Town Meetings are supposed to be about."

Alexsei says, "In a nutshell, the Zoluren Town Meetings are supposed to be a forum for Zoluren Citizens - as well as its visitors - to share information about current happenings, as well as to connect their fellows, organize themselves for emergency situations, and the like."

Alexsei says, "Think of it as a hub for information and organization, in a way. A chance to exchange information and prodedures so we can better serve and protect our lands and lend a hand to our neighbors if need be."

Alexsei says, "With that out of the way, let me quickly reiterate one of our previous subjects, related to province defense - that of secure communitations during Invasions and other emergency situations."

Alexsei says, "Concern was raised before as far as exchanging sensitive information on the gweths, such as triage locations and defense strategies employed by fighters."

Alexsei says, "Many possible solutions were brought up, one of which being the use of colored albredine rings for communicating with the Province's defenders."

Alexsei says, "It was ventured that we should adopt a color of rings to act as a 'Zoluren Emergency Channel', as it were. After some deliberation, Banded Cobalt was adopted as the color of choice."

Alexsei says, "If you have an albredine ring, you can attune it to this color and thus share information with your fellow defenders."

Alexsei says, "If you do not have a ring, the White Rose will offer one to all who ask for it, already pre-attuned. Let me know if it is of interest to you, and I will hand you one."

Alexsei says, "Now, before I pass the podium to Talliska, I want to remind everyone that this is a community forum, first and foremost."

Alexsei says, "While Talliska will be passing down reports on information we have amassed, if you wish to speak at any moment, do not be afraid to let us know."

Talliska says, "Okay, I think I'm about as ready as I can be."

Talliska says, "Hello all, I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to give the first half of our current events update."

Talliska exclaims, "As Alexsei did, I'd also like to take the time to thank those of you who showed up. A lot of us have been busy lately, whether it's excessive parties or excessive responsibilities--I'll let you guess which!"

Talliska says, "But getting the town meeting times on the calendar kinda slipped through the cracks this time around, so we've had to rely on word of mouth to get people here. So thanks for stopping by."

Talliska says, "In any case, it's been rather calm here in Zoluren lately, as far as outside threats are concerned. We've really not had any major invaders come by since Ngof, the Goblin Warlord with the funny name."

Talliska says, "Funny palindrome name, actually. Ngof Fogn... But anyway."

Talliska says, "Quite a bit of time passed since the last meeting, so I've got a couple events to talk about that occurred around Chris' Mass. I also have a report that passed to me from an anonymous source, which I'll cover last before Mia takes over."

Talliska says, "First on my list of reports is not expressly a 'threat'. More of a feel-good story with some violence involved."

Talliska says, "This occurred inside the city of Crossing, in the middle of the 3rd month of Lirisa."

Talliska says, "A probation officer by the name of Krisnick announced that a trio of orphaned delinquents had escaped from Drelstead Prison. They were young elves working off whatever sentence they had by making toys for him."

Talliska says, "Krisnick called for the people of Crossing to help him round them up. At the same time, the trio -- Jeyngle, Jayngle and their sister Gloribell -- were proclaiming that he was a slavedriver and mistreated them."

Talliska says, "From speaking to them for a little while, it seemed fairly obvious they were mischievous but benign. They probably stole here and there to survive, since they were orphans, and eventually got caught for it."

Talliska says, "So for a while it was uncertain whether to believe the probation officer and his tough love attitude, or the youths who could very well be truthful about being abused. The truth, of course, was actually somewhere in the middle."

Talliska says, "At one point a few folks arranged to help Jeyngle, Jayngle and Gloribell escape, while others tried to snatch them away, or even kill them for reward money. Krisnick didn't seem to want them dead though, just returned to him."

Talliska says, "In the end, the probation officer and his three charges were united. It was obvious he cared about the kids, just wanted them to learn a lesson: that even if he may seem a harsh taskmaster, the world outside is even less merciful."

Talliska says, "After being chased around and killed a few time, they were ready to work more honestly toward their freedom. The trio handed out toy whistles and carvings and such to those who helped deliver them to Krisnick, then returned with him to the prison."

Talliska says, "As far as we know they've behaved since then."

Talliska asks, "Any comments or questions about that report before I move on to the next topic?"

Talliska says, "Not long after that mess with the toymakers--in fact within a few roisaen of their departure--a report on the gweth indicated that Therengia was being invaded."
Talliska says, "Viggu, chieftain of the Red Bear Orc clan, was on the loose again and both Langenfirth and Therenborough were hit. Sounded serious enough to merit some extra support, so I and Alexsei traveled northward to help out."

Talliska says, "By the time we got there. Viggu's minions were already thinning out in Lang and swarming toward Therenborough. There were red bear orc scouts, raiders, slashers, savages... also some warcats in the mix, the sort that accompany the orcs in the Mistwood Forest."

Talliska says, "As far as I know, Viggu is still goading the Baron to pay him money, so as to guarantee the safety of his people fron further invasion. It's all but impossible the Theren court will EVER concede though, and its orders and militia are always ready to put up a fight."

Talliska says, "From, too."

Talliska clears her throat.

Addisyn says, "I could help with that report a bit."

Talliska says, "Oh, I'd love it if you'd like to contribute."

Talliska says, "Even better to hear more about it from the source."

Talliska says to Addisyn, "Go right ahead."

Addisyn says, "What happened was a group of people went looking for this lair. That upset Viggu pretty badly."

Addisyn says, "So Viggu walked into Theren and did what Viggu is known for and starting stealing from the town and such. One person was able to shoot him but Viggu took off after that."

Talliska says, "I'd heard him gloating afterward about taking food, coins and teeth. And also Langenfirth ale."

Addisyn says, "He does that. He'll brag about it on gweth and such."

Talliska says, "We got plenty of that with Naarg over here, too."

Talliska asks, "There was one more thing Viggu said that concerned me though, something about a new breed. Has the Guard figured anything more about that?"

Skamble says, "Maybe we can set up some sort of ambush with the help of a trader."

Addisyn says, "Well we know he's having orc children and raising them to hate us."

Azaerul says, "So as we had an ogre...Theren has an orc...fantastic."

Talliska asks, "Makes me wonder how fast orcs grow up. Do they come out of the womb with axes swinging?"

Addisyn says, "They grow pretty quickly."

Jaleshia says, "That sounds like it'd be a messy childbirth."

Azaerul asks, "How ye think they get out?"

Alexsei says, "I believe when he left, I heard him say something about his 'new breed' almost being ready."

Talliska says, "Well Ambassador, I hope you'll let us know if and when you need some aid against Viggu or any other invader, we'd be happy to help."

Azaerul asks, "Has he been known to have any bits of magic at his disposal?"

Addisyn says, "I will indeed. I personally have not seen any magic and I've not heard of him using magic from other people, so I really don't know about that."

Talliska says, "As far as I know Viggu is a barbarian. So if you count roaring your face off as magic... well... okay, maybe not but still. It does hurt."

Addisyn says, "But I believe it was Dragaus who came to us shortly after he attacked us last."

Addisyn says, "Yes, that seems to be his way out. I know several people who were roared to death."

Talliska says, "Who is Dragaus, I'm not sure I know the name..."

Addisyn says, "He's a Provincial Baronial Guard that shows up from time to time."
You notice as a rust-spotted ochre leopard gazes around with a yawn.

Addisyn says, "I believe he's the "leader" or whatever they call it of the Baronial Guards."

Talliska says, "I see, thank you very much for the info."

Addisyn says, "He advised us to not continue to seek out Viggu's lair as it proved that if Viggu knows we're looking for it then he'll just attack us."

Addisyn says, "But we're still awaiting word from Baron Gyfford about the situation. I know I'm annoyed by Viggu and his orc bandits and such. I can imagine everyone else is."

Talliska says, "Good to know. And I'm sure of that, I bet plenty of you are more than ready to charge in there and be rid of them once and for all."

Addisyn says, "He likes teeth."

Azaerul says, "So how did ye plan of coaxin him out, play out in yer head, Madam Ambassador."

Addisyn says, "One of his goals is to steal teeth from all the Nobles."

Addisyn says, "He's a strange one."

Azaerul exclaims, "I got it!"

Sortny says, "I bet he's making a teeth necklace."

Rozze says, "Teeth mail."

Sortny says, "Typical for a Barbarian."

Azaerul says, "Ye take a trader, gweth that he'll be movin a load of ivory, to be fashioned into fake teeth for one of the nobles of Theren..."

Rozze says, "Teeth are gross."

Azaerul says, "Wait fer him to strike."

Addisyn says, "I'm not sure I believe our Chronicler was in charge of that particular group and I'm not sure where they went all I know is that they upset Viggu by looking for it."

Skamble says, "Trader with a caravan of Lang ale would seem to get the job done."
You notice as a sapphire-eyed black panther yawns lazily for a moment, showing large white fangs.

Addisyn says, "We have a Trader on Council, Jerde."

Talliska says, "I admit I want to ask where they'd gone to, but I don't want to endanger your town further by making it too widespread."

Sortny says, "I feel sorry for him already."

Azaerul says, "Then have a moon mage put 'im in a comatose state and drag 'im off for ale-boarding...err I mean questionin."

Addisyn says, "I have no clue where they went. I believe his lair is somewhere near Ker Leor but that's just my theory."

Talliska says, "I heard that in the past Viggu was interested in that chrysalis, too. Which is also around there."

Azaerul asks, "So no to the trader - noble's fake-teeth - moon mage torture idea?"

Rozze asks, "Did it eat any more people yet?"

Addisyn says, "The chrysalis is still there."

Talliska says, "I'm not sure if it ever ate whole people, just their spirit."

Addisyn says, "Hasn't changed much but we fear it may be soon that it'll do something. So we make an attempt to check it once a day."

Rozze says, "Spirits build strong bones."

Addisyn says, "I'll admit my face is in it."

Talliska says, "It's a disturbing thing to have sitting right there near your capitol though, and you never knowin' when it'll blow."

Addisyn says, "Its really disturbing seeing the people who brought it walking around our province as well."

Talliska says, "Well, I'd better move on to a new topic. Thanks Ambassador for your contributions, that was invaluable."

Addisyn says, "Thank you."

Rozze asks, "Walking around?"

Addisyn nods to Rozze.

Addisyn says, "Sadly."

Azaerul asks Meara, "Weren't a bad idea was it?"

Talliska says, "I figure she means some of those who participated in the vigil that apparently led to the chrysalis' creation."

Talliska says, "Anyway..."

Addisyn nods to Talliska.

Talliska says, "Before I turn things over to Mia, the White Rose recently received a tip-off from a person who prefers to remain anonymous."

Talliska says, "We can't verify the source, but decided it was still something we should pass on, in the spirit of keeping people informed about the word on the street. So take this news with a grain of salt, but be vigilant."

Talliska says, "The report states that the infamous necromancer Totenus has been gathering a group of powerful necromancers and accomplices. While that might not seem surprising, the report also indicates they are organized and have long-term plans in the making."

Talliska says, "Apparently they have put together a list of targets that they wish to abduct so they can torture and experiment on them. The only name our source mentioned is Meidori, whom I believe is the current Court Cleric of Therengia."

Talliska says, "Say As far as we have been informed, Totenus and his group are not associated with Ahlureis. She is another necromancer who in the past year had been visiting the Empath Guild in Crossing, both for information and to potentially abduct them."

Talliska says, "And that's the report as I've heard it."

Addisyn raises her hand.

Talliska nods to Addisyn.

Talliska says, "Go right ahead."

Talliska smiles.

Azaerul raises his hand.

Azaerul says, "When she's done."

Addisyn asks, "I often see Meidori in Theren. Would it be wise to inform her of this?"

You say, "She should have already been informed."

You say, "The source had Rambliin attend the meeting via goose."

Addisyn says, "Okay thank you."

Talliska says, "I think I would have said yes if not for that, though."

Talliska asks, "Azaerul?"

Rozze says, "Hm.. sounds bad when you say via goose."

Alexsei says, "Such reports have a varying degree of veracity, but it would do well to stay vigilant nonetheless."

Azaerul says, "I'm curious."

Azaerul asks, "When and what was the last incident we've heard of the would-be empath-napper?"

Talliska says, "Many months ago. Definitely before the turn of the century."

Talliska says, "I would have to dig a bit to get an exact date."

You say, "This group is also rumored to be interested in empaths."

Talliska says, "But my guess would be early 399. Ish."

Addisyn nods to you.

Azaerul asks, "No you believe any of this stuff with the orcs, the chrysalis and the necromancers could be somehow connected?"

Talliska says, "When all that trouble started up with the shadows and Morlaena, Ahlureis kind of faded into the background."

Addisyn says, "That is a good possibility."

You ask Talliska, "My turn now?"

Talliska says, "I'm not sure how to speculate on that beyond that all of them potentially mean harm to the provinces."

Rozze asks, "Wasn't Xerasyth mentioned in relation to that stuff, though?"

Talliska says, "But any thoughts you all may have are welcome."

Alexsei says, "For now, there is no direct correlation between all of the incidents. Viggu appeared some years before Ahlureis, and the Chrysalis has had its own set of strange occurrences... That said, we do not close the door on any possibilities."

You say to Rozze, "I think that had more to do with where he had us meet him."

Talliska says, "And yes, I'm done with my portion Mialeigh. When people are done talking this out you can start."

Talliska grins at you.

You ask, "Any other questions and comments?"

Azaerul says, "What with the Orc sayin he's got a new breed of some such....has the chrysalis been noted of any change or anything..just curious, 'nother conspiracy theory I suppose."

Alexsei says, "Without getting into too many details, I believe that he was referring to the new orcs that have been borne out of breeding with the captive women he held. A disturbing prospect."

Addisyn says to Azaerul, "It's something to be considered, and I'll bring it up to the Guard."

Azaerul asks, "Half-orcs?"

Azaerul says, "Really...."

Azaerul says, "Kill this bugger please."

Azaerul says, "Raping captured females....uh uh."

Azaerul says to Tiakim, "Definitely lookin into this orc thing."

You ask, "Are we ready for more happy tidings?"

Talliska says, "I'm sure the Guard and the militia up there have been doing plenty of looking into it themselves, too."

Talliska says, "Sure."

Azaerul says, "Please...more happy things."

You say, "I'm Mialeigh Arekher, Recruiting Director for the White Rose. I'll be covering the upcoming social and fun events."

You say, "In Zoluren, we have our next town meeting in eleven days. We also have some great events in the works for next month, but we'll talk about those in a bit. There will be some horse wrangling and general horse fun at the Crossing Ranger Guild in three days."

You say, "In Riverhaven, we have ODS Strike Force maneuvers tomorrow which are held weekly and Haven Living in six days."

You say, "In Therenbourgh, we have Northern Watch Training tomorrow, also held weekly; the Baronial Armwrestling challenge in nine days; and the Theren Calvary Joust in ten days."

You say, "In Ilithi, we have another wonderful play by Court Bard Ruea in ten days. If you haven't been to see one, I highly suggest you do so."

You say, "Now for the events in the works. The White Rose will be sponsoring a scavenger hunt and lore night about Favors, the Bridge of Life and the Starry Road. There will be gifts, prizes, food and fun for all who come. This will be coming in the next few weeks."

You say, "'Tiakim has a great event in works for next month and I'd like to welcome him to describe it all for everyone."

Tiakim says, "Hello, im Tiakim, Seer of the Order of the White Rose."

Tiakim says, "I would like to introduce what i dub Crossing Survival Training."

Tiakim says, "Which will basically consist of helping out anyone in pretty much which ever way we can."

Tiakim says, "There will be teaching seminars on certain topics, i will be arranging special packages for the youngsters as well."

Talliska says, "Tiakim's been working pretty hard on this, I'm sure it'll be something to look forward to especially for younger folks."

Tiakim says, "Thats pretty much the idea of it all."
Rozze continues to instruct you in a lucid and serious manner on the fine art of Evasion.

You say, "Lastly, I want to turn it over to our Events Coordinator Nesra for more great upcoming events."

Nesra says, "These two events are a little further in the future."

Nesra says, "We'll be hosting an event exploring the history of the guilds, with a trivia game following."

(At this point, a zombie appeared and we dealt with it)

You ask, "Nesra, did you want to discuss your events now that the excitement is over?"

Nesra says, "I'll just wrap up and say that in addition to the history event, we'll be holding a hands-on lesson on stone-carving."

Alexsei says, "Once again, I want to thank everyone who has come and lent us their time, that is very much appreciated. The success of such meetings depends largely on you all."

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