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those clumsy moon mages broke another hand · on 10/24/2013 11:03 PM CDT 2210
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mmmm i missed stuff so someone should add a bunch-

Xito said Peri'el died the other day, so all that fun stuff happens now with the exploding mouths and no favors on their altar, and shrike's pooping on things.

So tonight : another super long invasion, Salvur came out and helped heal, Tasrhhu was running around, and Xito doing his thing. There was more of those totem things too.

Eventually the Crystal hand fortress explodes, I guess Tiv made it alive, and miskton was blown over to NTR... it's gone now.

Discussed some ideas to combat Xito at bards too.

Then I guess Tiv got possessed by Phelim and went to help Peri'el. There's some red in the vision too, kinda suspicious.

-I had some fun with Xito, dropped the ball a few times(sigh), but got to check out his wards and stuff.

weather The sky is completely obscured by roiling black clouds of ash and smoke.

Miskton says, "He was performing some sort of meditation, and performing an obscure prayer to Phelim. Then he fell, and a new star lit up in the sky. Then he got back up..."

Miskton says, "All the while, shadows were encroaching, and heat and the smell of sulfur."

> Miskton says, "When he stood back up, he was surrounded by white light, and he spoke in a cold voice that wasn't his own."

> Miskton says, "He said..."

> Miskton says, "Today is a day of Gods and men not of us. He overreaches himself. He cannot change those who came before you made that truth manifest. I will not undo what has been done I will not ape his crimes. I give this vessel what is sought I will not be thanked for it. The future is of your own making, for he sees only one I will intervene no more."

[Outside the Fortress, Obsidian Doors] The once mighty obsidian doors are fallen, shattered, and the way clogged with ruin. All that remains of its former occupants are bits of bone and the remnants of a large crystal hand, scattered when it was dashed to the ground. A spartan staircase, chiseled from lava, winds down the face of the stony wall. Also here: Nomad Sebrahn, Battle Lord Klurn, Miskton and Homikrin. Obvious paths: none.

> look door One of the doors remains standing, technically, though askew. The other has toppled inwards, contributing to the debris that clogs the entryway.

Miskton says, "I landed a good chunk of the way back toward the trade route."

You lift your greatsword above your head and swing down striking an obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem ostentatiously carved from dark golden iroko. An obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem breaks apart with an explosive burst of sound! Roundtime: 5 sec.

> Miskton says, "A slender S'Kra Mur woman lay supine in a cavernous hall of green basalt. The barest echo of a sibilant melody hung in the air for a few moments until all was silent. The woman looked small in the vastness of the cavern, her form pale and still. An archaic man approached, bald and tanned, a nightingale perched upon his shoulder. At his approach, a shrike dove and shriekd, attempting to drive him off, but the nightingale took flight, distracting the other bird. The man knelt at the woman's side, torches limning his features with ruddy, red light."

Miskton says, "I couldn't understand the prayer he was making, other than that it was to Phelim."

Miskton says, "What he had to say, though..."

Miskton says, "He said a day of Gods and men not of us."

Miskton says, "Surrounded by white light..."

Miskton says, "If the guildleader was seeking aid from the Arbiter, though, he likely foresaw something even worse than we may think."

and when I wailed on Xito, his ward would flare up different each time:

Xitoccanemun's skin bleeds violet incandescence, briefly limning a tattoo of labyrinthine madness. > Xitoccanemun's skin bleeds violet incandescence, briefly limning a tattoo of a bounded triangle.

Xitoccanemun's skin bleeds violet incandescence, briefly limning a tattoo of swarming shadow-winged moths.

Xitoccanemun's skin bleeds violet incandescence, briefly limning a tattoo of a pitch-black sun.

Xitoccanemun's skin bleeds violet incandescence, briefly limning a tattoo of a chimeric, nightingale-headed panther.

Xitoccanemun opens his mouth grotesquely wide and emits a powerful, gestalt scream semblant of a million birds of prey shrieking all at once!

The massive sound impacts you with stunning force!

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