Obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem ostentatiously carved from dark golden iroko

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A totem of the Akul'tiz that summons attacks of birds.


Cut with shimmering silver sigils, the Human-sized spire of precious wood creaks and trembles on its own every now and then.


"Hear the Voice of Dergati!" exults a masculine voice as an obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem echoes its tone with eerie peals.

An obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem chimes softly.

An obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem vibrates and emits a powerful, gestalt scream semblant of a million birds of prey squawking all at once!

  • Powerhaus was just struck down!

An obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem emits weakened crackling noises.

An obeliscal Akul'tiz war totem breaks apart with an explosive burst of sound!

The totem is as damaged as it is going to get, but you think there may be something worthwhile in the wreckage.

You root through the debris and find a shrike's eye sapphire!