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The Princess sees a few people , Alrina shows up · on 3/17/2010 2:13:58 AM 4939
Your mind hears Iazen thinking, "Ahem. Again. Tekemi and Tokomi, Her Highness has requested your attendance at Ulf'Hara Keep."

Your mind hears Iazen thinking, "Aguisian. Her Highness is ready for you now."

Tekemi says to Batutisz, "Keep rubbing."
Maiden Alrina just arrived.
Gridaksma says to Batutisz, "I think the male should too."

Powerhaus bows to Alrina.
Batutisz rubs Tekemi's neck.

Sendithu curtsies gracefully to Alrina.

Tekemi says, "Ohh, what little package of deliciousness do we have here."

Cyiarriah nods to Alrina.
Alrina beams at Cyiarriah!

Powerhaus asks Alrina, "Need a light?"

Tekemi gazes at Alrina.

You curtsy gracefully to Alrina.

Alrina exclaims, "Darling!"

Tekemi stands near Tokomi.

You see Maiden Alrina, an Elf.
Her stark white hair is a mass of unruly locks hanging about her face in an odd ring. Thick lashes rim a pair of deep emerald eyes that are wide and tinged with the residue of pain. Her frame is reminiscent of a dancer's. She has a heart-shaped mole just to the left of her full lips.
She is young.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a thin Purple Lion cigarillo in her right hand.
She is wearing an albredine crystal ring, a white satin cape with an ermine lined hood, a white silk bodice laced up the back with braided silver ties, a red silken pouch, a pair of charcoal grey suede pants that fit snugly down to the ankle and some supple black leather boots cross-wrapped with fine silver wires.

Tokomi exclaims, "Love!"

Cyiarriah sighs.

Tokomi beams at Alrina!
Cyiarriah says, "Hello."

Powerhaus grins.
Tekemi chortles softly at some secret joke.

Powerhaus leans on Tekemi.
Cyiarriah smiles at Alrina.

Alrina asks, "Yes?"
Arandrowse calmly says, "So you are supreme artists, excellent."

Tokomi says to Tekemi, "I don't remember being with that one...

Tekemi says to Tokomi, "We must have missed her in our travels."

Alrina says, "You would remember, I promise you."

You smile at Alrina.

Tekemi says to Tokomi, "I would have remembered that hair."

Tekemi nods at Alrina, obviously agreeing with her views.

Tekemi says to Alrina, "I never forget a..."

Tekemi says to Alrina, "Well, face for starters."

Tokomi says, "She is certainly fantasty."

Tokomi gazes at Alrina.

Tekemi winks at Batutisz.

Gridaksma chortles softly at some secret joke.

Alrina nods to Tokomi.

Alrina says, "Of course I am."

Alrina just hugged Cyiarriah.
Tokomi says to Alrina, "You're almost as pretty as me."

Batutisz grins at Tekemi.

Alrina exclaims, "Oh, I've missed you!"

Batutisz flirts with Tekemi.

Tekemi scratches Batutisz's back. Batutisz smiles blissfully.

You see Tourist Tokomi, an Elf.
Tokomi has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and moss-green eyes. His golden hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has fair skin and a svelte build.
He is tall for an Elf.
He is adult for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silken cloak in an oddly shifting shade of grey, an elegant linen satchel, a snug black vest, a full-sleeved white silk shirt with flared cuffs, a delicate Elven silver ring displaying a trio of cushion-cut chrysoprase, some loose grey linen pants and some silver-buckled shoes.

Batutisz lets out a deep sigh of contentment.

Tekemi says to Tokomi, "She would make a nice pet."

You see Tourist Tekemi, an Elf.
Tekemi has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and crystal green eyes. Her honey-streaked golden hair is long and curly, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by an Elven silver daffodil haircomb. She has fair skin and a svelte figure.
She is tall for an Elf.
She is adult for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a linen vanity pack, a snug black vest, an airy white silk blouse with an open collar, a delicate Elven silver ring displaying a trio of cushion-cut chrysoprase, some tight grey linen leggings and some calf-high boots of tan suede lined with plush fur.

Tokomi nods to Tekemi.

Cyiarriah fixes Powerhaus with a frank, even stare.

Powerhaus rolls his eyes.
Powerhaus snickers at Cyiarriah.

Alrina says, "It's been hours since we've chatted."

Tekemi just blew Batutisz a kiss.

Batutisz looks at Tekemi and blushes.

Cyiarriah asks, "How have you been?"

Tekemi says to Powerhaus, "My, that is an interesting tongue."

Gridaksma whispers something to Milabeth.

Tokomi says, "Quite well, thank you, my dear."

Alrina says, "Quite well."

Gridaksma pats Batutisz on the back.

Powerhaus leans over and licks Tekemi.

Batutisz peers quizzically at Gridaksma.

Tekemi giggles at Powerhaus.

Alrina says, "I've decided to get more things for the baby."

Milabeth whispers something to Gridaksma.

Cyiarriah ponders.

Tekemi stands near Powerhaus.

Powerhaus says, "Hellow dear."

Tekemi asks Powerhaus, "Talented, eh?"

Morsithia edges away from Powerhaus.

Gridaksma whispers something to Batutisz.

Alrina says, "Hundreds of toys are just not enough."

Cyiarriah asks, "Mmm.. baby?"

Powerhaus says to Tekemi, "And sensitive."

Cyiarriah asks, "Which baby?"

Powerhaus winks at Tekemi.

Batutisz grins at Gridaksma.

Tekemi rests her hand on Powerhaus' shoulder.

Alrina says, "Yes! Mine."
Gridaksma whispers something to Batutisz.

Powerhaus leans on Tekemi.

Cyiarriah blinks at Alrina.

Powerhaus scratches Tekemi's back. Tekemi smiles blissfully.

Tekemi lets out a deep sigh of contentment.

Tokomi asks, "Babies?"

Powerhaus growls at Tekemi.

Powerhaus winks.

Batutisz whispers something to Gridaksma.

Tokomi says, "I.. uh.. let us depart, my dear."

Alrina says, "I've decided that a child needs me."

Cyiarriah says, "Well congratulations."

Tokomi just kissed Tekemi.

Powerhaus bites Tekemi!

Tekemi nods to Tokomi.

Tekemi just kissed Tokomi.

Tekemi exclaims, "Let's!"
Powerhaus says, "It was a pleasure."

Powerhaus kneels down before Tekemi.

Powerhaus just kissed Tekemi.

Powerhaus stands up.

Tekemi says, "Things to be, people to do."

Tokomi says, "Yes, we know."

Batutisz laughs!

You ask Alrina, "Are you well Maiden?"

Batutisz winks at Tekemi.

Tekemi rubs Powerhaus's head.

Jaelia asks, "Are you adopting a child then?"

Tekemi rubs Batutisz's head.

Powerhaus says, "Maybe see an empath."

Alrina says, "Of course."
Tourist Tokomi's group just went west.

Powerhaus says, "Fix some parts."

Alrina nods to you.

Powerhaus says, "Look more like her..."

Batutisz flashes a wide grin.

Powerhaus frowns.

Alrina says, "Yes, a Dwarf.
Powerhaus says, "My dreams of twins."

Cyiarriah ponders.

Powerhaus says, "So close."

Alrina says, "They are small."

Powerhaus says, "But so wrong. "

Jaelia beams at Alrina!

Powerhaus sighs.

You say to Alrina, "Good, lovely to see you again."

Powerhaus shakes his fist!

Cyiarriah says, "You're adopting a dwarf..."

Powerhaus glances up at the sky.

Powerhaus shakes his fist!

Jaelia asks Alrina, "Are you going to adopt one from the orphanage within this very City?"

Batutisz chuckles.

Sendithu says to Alrina, "Ah good, still planning on a Dwarf, then. Sturdy, I hear."

Alrina says, "I thought of a Gnome, but they are so small, I might step on it."

Powerhaus says to Morsithia, "How's your ma."

Batutisz whispers something to Gridaksma.

Cyiarriah frowns at Alrina.

Jaelia nods to Alrina.

Alrina says, "And that would be just disastrous."

Batutisz grins at Gridaksma.

Powerhaus says, "And don't speak a word of what you've seen..."

Morsithia shifts her weight.

Gridaksma nods to Batutisz.

Sendithu nods in agreement.

Powerhaus folds his arms across his chest.

Powerhaus asks Alrina, "Maybe a bright orange hat?"

Jaelia asks Alrina, "Have you any thought of a name for your little one then?"

Powerhaus asks, "So it stands out more?"

Alrina says, "No, it will tell me it's name."

Alrina says, "How silly."
Jaelia nods to Alrina.

Cyiarriah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Alrina asks, "And who are you?"

Jaelia says, "I am Jaelia Evensong."

Alrina says, "Of course you are. Poor thing."

Powerhaus pats Jaelia on the back.

Jaelia says, "I know, I do try to keep a vow of poverty. Thankfully the Traders and merchants help make that possible."

Gridaksma smiles at Milabeth.

Powerhaus shoves futilely at Cyiarriah.

Alrina moves around Cyiarriah, lifting her hair and picking at her collar.

Gridaksma asks Alrina, "Would you like that cigarillo light?"

Rajara waves to Taleek.

Alrina says, "Tsk, tsk."

Taleek waves to Rajara.

Gridaksma nods to Milabeth.
Powerhaus grins.

Cyiarriah glances at Alrina.

Gridaksma says, "Or lit even."

Arandrowse bows to Taleek.

Cyiarriah fixes Powerhaus with a frank, even stare.

Gridaksma joins Jairem's group.

Powerhaus says, "Needs to be more lady like for the ball.."

Alrina says, "You must come to the Ball with me."

Gridaksma nods to Milabeth.

Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Seems you found a date..."

Rajara giggles.

Cyiarriah says, "Umm.."

Cyiarriah ponders.

Gridaksma draws forth a blood-red knife.

Alrina says, "You honestly can't say you could find someone better."

Cyiarriah says, "I'm not really a huge fan of Balls."

Morsithia giggles a little oddly.

Powerhaus grins at Morsithia.

Powerhaus just nudged Morsithia.

Powerhaus says, "Shhh.."

Powerhaus snickers to himself.

Alrina says, "And the Princess should be calling for me at any time."

Jaelia exclaims to Cyiarriah, "How can you miss a Ball? They are so few and far between!"

Cyiarriah says, "I'm sure you can find someone much more interesting than I."

Gridaksma strikes a piece of black flint against a blood-red knife, causing a shower of sparks over the stately cigar which smolders, then bursts into flames.

Alrina says, "Oh, certainly."

Alrina nods to Cyiarriah.

Powerhaus says to Alrina, "Tell me if you need me to announce you.."
Cyiarriah smirks.
Gridaksma sheathes his blood-red knife.

Alrina says, "But I do feel sorry for you."

Alrina says, "It must be so hard being my best friend."

Cyiarriah raises an eyebrow.

Arandrowse calmly says, "He has excellent lungs. He gets their attention."

Alrina says, "I get all the attention, I know."

Cyiarriah says, "It's a hardship."

Cyiarriah sighs.

Alrina asks, "What are you wearing?"

Alrina says, "I thought I would wear white."

Cyiarriah says, "I haven't thought about it yet."

You say to Alrina, "An excellent choice."

Alrina says, "Of course."

Alrina nods to you.

Alrina asks, "And what of it?"

Gridaksma gets a snifter of Chateau's Finest plum brandy from inside his traveler's rucksack.

Cyiarriah looks thoughtfully at Powerhaus.

Cyiarriah asks, "You done?"

Alrina says, "Perhaps I shouldn't."

Powerhaus says, "No."

Jaelia says to Arandrowse, "There is plenty of fine white jade jewelry."

Gridaksma offers Alrina a snifter of Chateau's Finest plum brandy.

You get a knotwork white jade from inside your leather rucksack.

Powerhaus squints at Cyiarriah.

Alrina says, "I don't drink with people."

Alrina already has an outstanding offer.

Arandrowse calmly asks, "Yes, perhaps some lovely white jade jewelry?"

Alrina declines Gridaksma's offer.

Gridaksma says to Alrina, "I'm not people."

Powerhaus says, "Oh..."

Powerhaus says, "Heels..."

Gridaksma smiles at Alrina.

Powerhaus says, "The highest of heels."

Powerhaus nods.

Sendithu nods to Liurilias.

Liurilias grins at Jairem.

Cyiarriah pointedly ignores Powerhaus.

You offer your white jade to Alrina, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Alrina says, "I still don't drink with people."

Alrina has declined the offer.

Alrina says, "That's ugly."

Jairem grins at Sendithu.

Powerhaus grins.

You say, "It is white."

Gridaksma says to Alrina, "Shame it's a good cask."

Liurilias holds hands with Jairem.

Alrina says, "White or not, it's ugly."

Liurilias holds hands with Sendithu.

You say, "I am sorry you did not like it."

You put your jade in your leather rucksack.

Arandrowse calmly says to you, "It looks very delightful."

Liurilias waves.

Theurgist Liurilias's group went through a red Moongate.

You ask, "What about it do you find unattractive?"

Alrina says, "The whole thing."

Powerhaus grins.

Alrina says, "Ugly, ugly."

Milabeth says to Gridaksma, "I like her idea of wearing white to the ball. Great way to stand out."

Gridaksma nods at Milabeth, obviously agreeing with her views.

Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "I like her too."

Arandrowse calmly says, "Eloquent."

Cyiarriah says to Powerhaus, "You would."

Gridaksma says, "I plan to wear black myself."

Alrina says, "Black is ugly."

Alrina says, "Too close to grey."

Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Maybe is the hips.."

Powerhaus says, "Or lips."

Gridaksma says to Alrina, "But you haven't seen me in it."

. Milabeth nods at Alrina, obviously agreeing with her views.

Cyiarriah says to Powerhaus, "Don't really wanna know."

Milabeth says to Alrina, "Too boring."

Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "No, it'd spoil the magic.."

Cyiarriah rolls her eyes.

Alrina says, "The Princess will be calling me soon."

Cyiarriah asks Alrina, "How are things down south?"

Gridaksma asks Alrina, "Have you been waiting long for her to call for you?"

Alrina says, "I was her lady-in-waiting."

Cyiarriah says, "Why..."

. Arandrowse calmly asks Alrina, "Yes, and now you are what?"

Alrina says, "I am Alrina."

Powerhaus grins at Cyiarriah.

Arandrowse calmly says, "I am Arandrowse, of the Zaidi Taipa."

Alrina says, "Of course you are."

Alrina asks, "Some has to be, don't they?"

Powerhaus says, "Ah not to be confused with the other Arandrowse's."

Powerhaus nods.

Powerhaus sweeps Cyiarriah into a dance.
Powerhaus continues to dance with Cyiarriah.
Powerhaus continues to dance with Cyiarriah.
Cyiarriah glances at Powerhaus.

Morsithia asks, "Excuse me, does anyone know if Prince Keresyk will be at the ball?"

Morsithia rubs a fold of her lace veil between her fingers nervously.
Cyiarriah glances about with concern on her face.

Arandrowse calmly says, "I am not aware, sorry..."

Powerhaus asks, "Who?"

Morsithia nods politely to Arandrowse.

Cyiarriah says, "He's not a Prince."

Alrina asks, "So, darling, have you seen my cat?"

You see Artist-in-Residence Aguisian Deglaraus, an Elf.
Aguisian has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed steely grey eyes. His silver hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn loose. He has copper skin and a lean build.
He is tall for a Elf.
He is adult for an Elf.
He has a tattoo of talon wounds done in stark grey ink that stretch from his left shoulder to rest on his chest.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a mug of fresh coffee in his right hand.
He is wearing a billowing shirt of brushed ochre silk, a wide silver ring set with a single brilliant-cut Ocean's Deep emerald, a sandalwood parchment case, a pair of caliginous jade linen trousers and some dark leather boots with emerald-inlaid clasps.

Powerhaus grins at Aguisian.

Alrina exclaims, "Aggie!"

Powerhaus says, "He made it out alive.."

Arandrowse calmly says, "No I have not seen your cat."

You curtsy gracefully to Aguisian.

Aguisian says, "Good afternoon, Alrina dear."

Arandrowse calmly asks, "Where is your cat?"

Alrina says, "It died."

Spectre Batutisz just arrived.

Aguisian sighs.

Alrina asks, "Is the Princess ready for me?"

Arandrowse calmly asks, "Sorry to hear, will you want a new companion?"

Gridaksma asks Alrina, "Can anyone be ready for you?"

Jaelia asks, "Aguisian, do you currently have a painting or other art piece you are working on?"

The ruby-eyed zombies orbiting Milabeth's right forearm gleam as their surfaces catch the light and reflect it at varying angles.

Aguisian absently rubs his tattoo.

Alrina says, "Of course not."

Powerhaus grins.

Aguisian says to Alrina, "I no longer speak for Her Highness. I'm sure Iazen will call for you when the time is right."
Powerhaus stretches out a hand imploringly to Gridaksma.

Gridaksma peers quizzically at Powerhaus.
Powerhaus says to Gridaksma, "If you're gonna let that go to waste.."

Alrina says, "The time is always right for me."
Powerhaus grins at Alrina.

Alrina says, "I can understand her seeing the lesser people first."

You nod to Alrina.

You smile at Alrina.

Cyiarriah whispers something to Aguisian.

Powerhaus shakes his fist!

Aguisian sighs.

Aguisian nods to Cyiarriah.

Powerhaus says, "Oh.."

Powerhaus nods.

Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Stop that.."

Milabeth asks Gridaksma, "Imported?"

Alrina asks, "You've missed me horribly, haven't you?"

Cyiarriah glances at Powerhaus.

Alrina smiles at Aguisian.

Aguisian says, "Always."

Aguisian nods to Alrina.

Powerhaus asks Cyiarriah, "You ask him?"

Alrina asks, "Have you seen my cat?"

Gridaksma asks Milabeth, "Hmm?"

Cyiarriah joins Aguisian's group.

Arandrowse calmly asks, "Is your cat white?"

Alrina asks, "Are you going with him?"

Gridaksma says, "Yes it is."

Powerhaus asks, "Dead cats?"

Powerhaus searches around for a moment.

Alrina peers quizzically at Cyiarriah.

Aguisian says to Alrina, "And I hope to miss you much more in the future."

Alrina says, "I thought we were best friends."

Powerhaus grins.

Arandrowse calmly asks, "A beautiful shade of white?"

Cyiarriah says, "Just a brief moment is all."

Alrina says, "I hate you."

Powerhaus waves to Cyiarriah.

Cyiarriah sighs.

Powerhaus says, "You two have fun."

Powerhaus winks.

Cyiarriah says, "Okay."

Aguisian nods.

Alrina says, "Now I need another best friend."

Jaelia says, "Well, I hope we see your next piece of art in the near future Aguisian."

You ask Aguisian, "I am Celitha formerly of the Ilithi Court, I do not believe we have met?"

Aguisian nods to Jaelia.

Aguisian says, "I hope to have one finished soon."

Gridaksma says to Alrina, "I'd suggest Batty, he gives good backrubs."

Jaelia smiles at Aguisian.

Jaelia asks, "Are you going to give us a hint on what you are working on?"

Powerhaus says to Alrina, "I think she needs a shorter name too.."

Arandrowse calmly asks, "It would be nice to see art, have you had a chance to check the Raven's Court art showing?"

Batutisz laughs!

Powerhaus snickers at Arandrowse.

Batutisz grins at Gridaksma.

Aguisian says, "I see it from time to time."

Aguisian nods to Arandrowse.

Powerhaus says, "You're funny too."

Powerhaus grins at Aguisian.

Aguisian says, "Quite a few nice pieces on display."

Powerhaus nods to Aguisian.

Alrina says, "I'm bored."

Powerhaus grins.

Powerhaus frowns at Alrina.

Aguisian says to you, "And I'm just a lowly artist. Aguisian."

Motes of glimmering cerulean light trail from the orb as it hovers placidly near Jaelia.

Batutisz says to Alrina, "Hi there, bored."

Alrina asks, "Has anyone seen my cat?"

Batutisz winks at Alrina.

Aguisian glances at Alrina.

Aguisian sighs.

Powerhaus gets a dead puppy from inside his utility belt.

Powerhaus offers Alrina a dead puppy.

Cyiarriah says, "He is a great artist."

Powerhaus asks, "Puppy?"

Cyiarriah just nudged Aguisian.

Alrina declines Powerhaus's offer.

Powerhaus frowns.

Powerhaus gives his dead puppy a warm hug, causing a hideous dark substance to ooze out all over his shoulder.

Powerhaus indicates his dead puppy with a smile.

You say to Aguisian, "Nonsense, and well met Artist and former Scribe."

Morsithia giggles at Powerhaus.

Powerhaus exclaims, "Bad puppy!"

Powerhaus puts his puppy in his utility belt.

Aguisian says, "Scribblings, mostly."

Alrina says, "You are odd."

Powerhaus says, "He doesn't want to play with me..."

Jaelia says, "That is not true. I saw the picture he did of Iliani. It is stunning. He has a way of capturing things in a moment of brilliance to preserve them forever."

Powerhaus asks, "Been uh.. holding that in awhile?"

Jaelia says, "But it is very gracious he is so humble."

You say, "Here is something you might find interesting."

You offer your bizar toy to Alrina, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Powerhaus grins.

Powerhaus shakes his head at Alrina.

Alrina has declined the offer.

Alrina says, "That's ugly."

Powerhaus says, "That's ugly too."

Powerhaus nods to Alrina.

Aguisian shakes his head.

Powerhaus says, "Got give her something shiny."

Powerhaus gets a palladium anklet from inside a gold-etched mahogany box.

Powerhaus licks a palladium anklet.

Aguisian says, "Someone should get her back to the island."

Powerhaus puts his anklet in a sturdy black traveler's rucksack with crossed malchata ribs attached to the flap.

Aguisian says to Cyiarriah, "Let's go have that chat."

Cyiarriah nods to Aguisian.

Arandrowse calmly asks, "The island?"

Morsithia rummages through a nightsilk haversack decorated with a tower and lotus, pausing once in a while and then quickly resuming the search.

Powerhaus waves.

You say, "I can."

Cyiarriah says, "If you'll excuse me."

Cyiarriah casually observes the area.

You continue to instruct your student on Evasion.
Gridaksma unconsciously mimics some of what you just taught him, thereby urging you on to greater teaching feats.

Cyiarriah nods politely.

You say, "If it is required."

Alrina says, "You can go, I hate you."

Cyiarriah says, "Okay. Thank you."

Cyiarriah smiles at Alrina.

Powerhaus grins.

You say, "I am quite sure the Sisters are very worried."

Jaelia intones:

"Glythtide, we ask you to bless this upcoming Ball
May this Time be a week of Celebration and Joy
Let us gather together with friends and family
But also those we consider not our friends
To remember that we are all United in one thing - Our Faith
May this Ball be a Time of Joy for all to come together
Watch over each Merchant, Servant, and Attending Guest and May all be Peaceful and Joyful

Jaelia looks up and sighs, smiling.

Powerhaus says, "You two have fun cuddling in some dark tavern corner.."

Powerhaus says, "Oh..."

Alrina asks, "Are you drunk?"

Powerhaus says, "No."

Jaelia says, "I can only hope the lessons we learned from the war, that only through unity comes true victory, do not get tossed aside simply because our world is not in immediate peril of destruction."

Powerhaus says, "I'm just dehydrated."

Powerhaus laughs at himself.

Alrina says, "I wasn't talking to you."

You say to Alrina, "If you would be so kind as to join me, please, the Sisters are desperate for your company and would love to see you."

Alrina says, "You must be mistaken, or insane."

Morsithia quietly says, "Lady Jaelia's humble prayers are an inspiration to us all."

You say, "Neither actually."

Milabeth furrows her brow.

Jaelia asks Alrina, "Would you like me to offer a prayer for you or for a particular Immortal of your choice?"

Arandrowse calmly says, "I am not sure who she is talking to."

Alrina shakes her head at Jaelia.

Alrina says, "I don't need one of those."

Jaelia says, "Then may the Immortals continue to bless you on your path through this life."

Alrina says, "Well, I am bored."

The pikeman nods to Alrina and says, "Yes Alrina, of course you may pass."

-Morganae -- who
has been called the "true ruler" of the Elven people,
-Termed the "Leth Deriel that Never Was",
it was built with much of the same architecture and streets named after the jewels
that Morganae's people sang to shape the foundations.




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Re: pre-ball ho down · on 3/17/2010 11:50:48 AM 4940


here's a summary of last night, wit 2 of the descriptions that didn't make it, i didn't get a current look for iazen.

You see Artist-in-Residence Aguisian Deglaraus, an Elf.
Aguisian has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed steely grey eyes. His silver hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn loose. He has copper skin and a lean build.
He is tall for a Elf.
He is young for an Elf.
He has a tattoo of talon wounds done in stark grey ink that stretch from his left shoulder to rest on his chest.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a mug of fresh coffee in his right hand.
He is wearing a billowing shirt of brushed ochre silk, a wide silver ring set with a single brilliant-cut Ocean's Deep emerald, a sandalwood parchment case, a pair of caliginous jade linen trousers and some dark leather boots with emerald-inlaid clasps.

You see Laytle Immokokkon, a Halfling.
Laytle has silver-flecked topaz eyes. His auburn hair is very long and thick, and is worn braided. He has fair skin and a portly build.
He is elderly for a Halfling.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a polished jeweler's loupe hung from an intricate silver chain, a floor-length brocade cloak, a linen satchel, an ash grey linen vest with a trio of saffron topaz buttons worn overtop a crisp white linen shirt, a platinum ewys band set with stunning firesilk opals, a royal Zoluren topaz and silver band, a stained tobacco pouch and a pair of carefully tailored linen trousers.

so like bressail, iazen, aguisian, and like 2 other gmpcs were on, then merchants keep logging in like crazy.

*went to hang outside the keep to see what's up with iazen
*was about drunk when laytle arrives<

Laytle says, "You there. Man-servant."
Laytle points at Powerhaus
>Laytle says, "Tell them I've arrived."

*announced laytle/yelled to iazen

Iazen says to you, "You should really lock him up when he's drunk."

*iazen makes several calls for the twins, until they show

>Tokomi says, "This place is positively ugly."
Tekemi says, "It is, yes."
Tekemi says, "Especially that drab one there."
Tekemi gestures at Jaelia.
Tekemi says, "But I see room for improvement."
Tokomi says, "Oh."
Tekemi says to Tokomi, "Definitely needs something done with that hair."
>Tokomi asks Jaelia, "What do you think?"
Tokomi says to Jaelia, "PErhaps if we put your hair up in ringlets, and then let them spill over a pillow or two..."
Tekemi asks Batutisz, "How you doing, handsome?"
cyiarriah asks, "And you two are?"
Tekemi says to Cyiarriah, "Your best fantasy."

Tokomi asks, "Well he IS quite tasty, isn't he?"
J>Tekemi says to Tokomi, "You would know."
Tokomi says, "That's why I gaze at you all the time."
J>Tokomi kisses Tekemi on the nose
Tokomi says, "Lots of leather... sharks..."
>Tokomi says, "You and I could have a bevy of good times, my dear."
Tekemi says to Batutisz, "As could we, Mister Bodice."
Powerhaus takes a seat.
Tekemi sits in Powerhaus' lap.
Powerhaus flirts with Tekemi.
J>Tekemi winks at Powerhaus.
Powerhaus says to Tekemi, "My wife's banned from this province."
J>Powerhaus says, "So how are you doing..."
J>Powerhaus winks at Tekemi.
Tekemi says to Powerhaus, "Oooo torrid."
J>Margeaux asks, "Whose your wife?"
J>Margeaux peers quizzically at Powerhaus.
Powerhaus says to Margeaux, "It doesn't matter."
J>Powerhaus leans on Tekemi.
J>Margeaux shrugs.
J>Tekemi exclaims, "Good answer!"
J>Heartsfyre laughs!
J>Raising her plum brandy to Powerhaus, Tekemi gives him a toast.

*announced them as well, iazen arrives..

J>Powerhaus says to you, "I think he's gonna steal my woman..."
Batutisz says to Powerhaus, "She was flirting with me first."
J>Batutisz grins at Powerhaus.
J>The white-tailed leopard sits down.
J>Powerhaus asks Batutisz, "So?"
J>Batutisz laughs!

*laytle comes running out offended by the elves i assume, then runs off.
*aguisian arrives, i announced him and goes in. Someone mentions he should look at the raven's court gallery cause they have nice paintings...
*alrinia shows up
*aguisisan comes back out is angry at alrinina
*Alrinia tries to get her best friend cyia to be her date for the ball, and goes over dressing her up all while insulting Celithia's stuff as being ugly
*Aguisian and Cyia leave for a bit to go gaze at each other in some inn
*alrinia can't find her dead cat, is bored and enters the keep unannounced/invited possibly, but was allowed in.
*iazen announces no more merchants to be seen tongith, but tomorrow and the night after the princess will see more

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