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Tentative Paladin Spell List · on 08/17/2011 04:42 PM CDT 166
Ok, as I mentioned before, this spell list is a pretty solid draft, but we want the input of the players as well, so discuss away. In light of the new threaded forums, try to hit reply so the discussion all stays in one thread!

I've completely ripped off the rules for this discussion from other spell lists, because they fit well here:

#1) Constructive criticism. I'm going to ask the Mods to be a bit harsher than usual on posts that are just 'this sucks!' without offering any sort of positive feedback. If you think something is bad, it's fine to say so, just try to politely explain reasoning.

#2) Don't yell at each other.

#3) Slot cost is not part of this discussion, but spells no longer have to be created equal. Therefore not all of the spells on this list cost the same amount of slots to learn. We're not going to be answering questions about it, but if a spell seems to have less (or more) effects, it may cost less (or more) spell slots.

#4) If an effect is on a spell, it will be at capped strength for your guild. What this means is that if the skill or stat it boosts is considered to be in your 'sphere of influence' it will produce a maximized boost. If it is not it will produce a somewhat smaller boost.

#5) Stacking boosts of the same type is strictly disallowed. If you have for example an evasion booster, then said evasion booster is as powerful as the guild is allowed to get and you won't be allowed to have a second evasion booster somewhere else.

#6) Prerequisites are not listed, but they won't be the same. We haven't even begun to look at that yet.

Okay, I think that's enough advance rules, let's get on with the list.


Heroic Strength: Intro Augmentation. Boost to strength.

Rutilor's Edge: Basic Augmentation. Buffs a weapons damage and main damage type.

Sentinel's Resolve: Basic Augmentation. Boosts the parry and shield skills.

Divine Guidance: Basic Augmentation. Buffs Intelligence.

Righteous Wrath: Basic Augmentation. Melee and Ranged weaponry boost.

Courage: Advanced Augmentation. Stamina buff for all members of the Paladin's group.

Soldier's Prayer: Advanced Warding. Magical damage barrier.

Anti-Stun Advanced Utility. Stops or decreases duration of stuns on the caster.

Banner of Truce: Advanced Utility. Temporarily stops all damage in an area.

Marshal Order: Advanced Utility. Boost to the discipline stat and the the effectiveness of the LEAD ability.

Trothfang's Rally: Esoteric Utility. Cyclic. Boosts the balance of all members of the Paladin's group. Also has a chance to remove stuns or immobilization effects from group members.


Stun Foe: Intro Debilitation. Stuns the target. Shocker, right?

Halt: Basic Debilitation. Immobilizes the enemy.

Shatter: Basic Debilitation. Damage amplifier.

Hands of Justice: Basic Utility. Crushes hand of anyone Paladin catches stealing from them.

Footman's Strike: Basic Targeted. A targeted spell that determines damage type based on the equipped weapon. Will fail if no ranged or melee weapons are equipped.

Tipping the Scales: Basic Augmentation. Evasion booster.

Clarity: Advanced Augmentation. Wisdom buff. Also increases a paladin's sixth sense for stealthy stuff. Can also put a point effect on the target if it is successful enough. (self cast only)

Bond Weapon: Advanced Augmentation. Temporarily bonds a weapon to the Paladin.

Divine Armor: Advanced Augmentation. Buffs absorption and protection of armor worn and in hands.

Holy Warrior: Esoteric Warding. Cyclic. Blesses armaments and provides excellent damage resistance.

Smite Horde: Esoteric Targeted. AoE damage spell.


Alamhif's Gift: Esoteric Utility. Eliminates Death's Sting on the target at a cost of 1 favor from Paladin. If self-cast, it will replenish the soul pool of the paladin.

Crusader's Challenge: Esoteric Utility. Area effect pulsing taunt.

This message was originally posted in The Paladins \ Game Master/Official Announcements, by DR-ABSINAL on the forums.