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Tentative Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 9/19/2010 12:43:22 PM 62
In the spirit of advanced notice, and because we want some player feedback on something this large, Necromancers are getting to be the second to have their Magic 3.0 tentative spell list posted.

 A couple rules for the discussion:

 #1) Constructive criticism. I'm going to ask the Mods to be a bit harsher than usual on posts that are just 'this sucks!' without offering any sort of positive feedback. If you think something is bad, it's fine to say so, just try to politely explain reasoning.

 #2) Don't yell at each other.

 #3) Slot cost is not part of this discussion, but spells no longer have to be created equal. Therefore not all of the spells on this list cost the same amount of slots to learn. We're not going to be answering questions about it, but if a spell seems to have less (or more) effects, it may cost less (or more) spell slots.

 #4) If an effect is on a spell, it will be at capped strength for your guild. What this means is that if the skill or stat it boosts is considered to be in your 'sphere of influence' it will produce a maximized boost. If it is not it will produce a somewhat smaller boost.

 #5) Stacking boosts of the same type is strictly disallowed. If you have for example an evasion booster, then said evasion booster is as powerful as the guild is allowed to get and you won't be allowed to have a second evasion booster somewhere else.

 #6) Prerequisites are not listed, but they won't be the same. We haven't even begun to look at that yet.

Okay, I think that's enough advance rules, let's get on with the list.

Opening notes: I will list spells as Introductory, Basic, Advanced, and Esoteric. These are in order of difficulty to cast, but their power levels are not expressly different. What one is, is simply based on what the spell does. Niftier effects go to the harder side, whereas simple skill buffs tend towards the easier side.

I will also list spells as Augmentation, Debilitation, Targeted, Warding, or Utility. This is the new Magic skill it will use along with PM. If you're confused by this or the above, you may want to go find previous GM posts on Magic 3.0 because I don't want to type it all again.

In general there's less change here in Necrolund.

-- Animation --

Call from Beyond:
An advanced Animation Utility spell. Will be able to resurrect a zombie as well as create one.

Necrotic Reconstruction:
An advanced Animation Utility spell. Same as now.

Reverse Putrefaction:
An advanced Animation Augmentation spell. Will improve a pet's offense and defense.

Quicken the Earth:
A basic Animation Utility spell. Creates mudman.

-- Blood Magic --

Blood Burst:
An advanced Blood Targeted spell. Single strike initial damage, blood droplets spray to create collateral damage on other parts of the body than initial strike. Still takes bleeding or vitality from caster.

Heighten Pain:
An introductory Blood Debilitation spell. Spirit vs Fortitude. Same.

Siphon Vitality:
An advanced Blood Targeted spell. Single strike TM that now always drains some vitality instead of just at full target.

-- Corruption --

Visions of Darkness:
An advanced Corruption Debilitation spell. Mind versus Will. Debuffs perception and wisdom of the target.

Petrifying Visions:
A basic Corruption Debilitation spell. Mind versus Will. Immobilizes the target.

Eyes of the Blind:
A basic Corruption Utility spell. Self-invis.

An introductory Corruption Augmentation spell. Improves stealth.

Rite of Contrition:
An esoteric cyclic Corruption Utility spell. Removes visible necromancies and reduces visible DO.

-- Synthetic Creation --

Acid Splash:
A basic Synthetic Targeted spell. Single strike, randomized damage types.

An esoteric Synthetic Targeted spell. Single strike direct damage, magical snipe.

Viscous Solution:
An advanced Synthetic Debilitation spell. Area effect immobilize. Magic vs. Fortitude.

Universal Solvent:
An esoteric cyclic Synthetic Targeted spell. Continual area effect direct damage.

An advanced Synthetic Augmentation spell. Improves Intelligence, arcana, alchemy.

-- Transcendental Necromancy --

An introductory Transcendental Augmentation spell. Improves Targeted Magic.

Butcher's Eye:
A basic Transcendental Augmentation spell. Improves Thanatology, Skinning.

Philosopher's Preservation:
A basic Transcendental Augmentation spell. Improves Reflex, Evasion.

An advanced Transcendental Augmentation spell. Improves Perception, Attunement skills.

Calcified Hide:
An advanced Transcendental Warding spell. Improves Stamina, damage mitigator with bonus to physical damage.

Consume Flesh:
An advanced Transcendental Utility spell. Tasty corpses, yum. Same.

Worm's Mist:
An esoteric Transcendental Warding spell. Non-ablative variable cast magic barrier. Same as now.

Spiteful Rebirth:
A Transcendental metaspell allowing 'DEPART DEATH'. Multiple uses of this spell are now possible depending on your stats, but downtime will likely increase once it kicks in.


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