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GameMaster Ricinus
Type DEV
Tenure Past

Announced 10/25/2011.

Positions and Contributions

  • Cleric advocate (6/1/2012-Present)
  • Dev Events team


You see the body of GameMaster Ricinus, a Risen.
He looks rotten. Who dug this guy up?
You're not sure how old he was when he went into the ground, but it's been a few months at least since he came out -- judging from the smell.

He is wearing a patch of hair that looks like it came from a can, a frayed noose, a cambrinth-clasped leather backpack stitched with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild in silver thread, a bisque-colored collared shirt with limp frills running down the center, a purple velour tuxedo coat with red piping and attached bow tie, a metal targe and a pair of shimmering red velour tuxedo pants with purple piping and elastic cumberbund.