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Re: S'kra tail sweep · on 1/19/2011 1:40:48 AM 4001
Alright, yeah, no. The tail is not in any way related to reproduction, apart from its proximity to reproductive organs. The concept started as a joke, and I think (or hope) a lot of folks still chuckle at it, but I'm starting to sense that some people are now under the assumption that there's a legitimate correlation. There isn't.

To clarify, the S'Kra Mur tail is the physical embodiment of the divine spark that all S'Kra have within them. It is essentially the spirit, given flesh. Peri'el (or Hav'roth, or the trinity of the three S'Kra deities, depending on which source you get it from) gave the S'Kra Mur their tail, and along with it the various virtues that the race prizes. Now it has been stated many times, but I'll state it again just for the sake of redundancy, that the S'Kra Mur tail is not physically designed nor well suited for use in a combat application. This however is far from the primary reason that S'Kra don't go around smacking people with it. The tail is sacred, above anything else. This is why someone being declared Smozh is not simply stating that they're physically deformed, but that they are spiritually dead. They are not shunned, or cursed, or spat upon. They just aren't. They don't exist anymore. Not to the S'Kra Mur.

The thought of using the tail in a capacity such as the requested "sweep" attack is a concept so intensely vulgar that most S'Kra Mur should have to choke back vomit just at hearing the notion. While this of course doesn't mean that there aren't an astonishingly rare few who would dare to behave so crassly, if the actual command existed in the game to do it, you can bet that something like 50% or more S'Kra characters would suddenly be "rebels" who went around tail-whipping everything in sight. For that reason, it will never be possible, so long as I have any say in the matter.

Now, I'm going to concede the claw thing. Honestly, the claw brawling bonus should have been added ages ago. There's been some accepted practice among many S'Kra that using the claws is also vulgar, but I actually believe this originated with the fact that there was no brawling bonus, so the impropriety of using claws became the rationale behind the lack of a racial perk. Then Prydaen came along, with their brawling bonus, and now we're left out in the cold? No, S'Kra Mur should get the claw bonus too. I also discussed this with "one of the bosses" and he agreed entirely that S'Kra Mur should get a claw bonus to brawling. He also agreed that with Combat being worked on, it's very likely completely impossible to do right now, so sorry about that. I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

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