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Re: Paladin Magic 3.1 · on 11/14/2013 06:43 PM CST 2547
Sure, here's a rundown of a few changes to Paladin spells that are upcoming.

Righteous Wrath - No longer relies on soul state, boosts brawling and held melee weapon skill.
Truffenyi's Rally - Minor reduction in balance boost, changed stun removal to a harmful dispel w/ spirit cost. 5 slots, Signature.
Sentinel's Resolve - Boosts Shield and Defending now.
Veteren's Insight - Adds Reflex to SR.
Anti-Stun - No longer relies on soul state. 3 slots.
Soldier's Prayer - No longer relies on soul state, but does spirit damage to caster if unclean. 1 slot.
Marshal Order - Signature.
Halt - Signature.
Stun Foe - 1 slot.
Banner of Truce - Duration changed to be in line with medium duration spells, fixed issues with spell failing FOR NO REASON, some minor backend tweaks, can be released, Signature.
Hands of Justice - Removed soul state requirement.
Holy Warrior - 2 slots.
Smite Horde - 4 slots.

The spell Crusader's Challenge will also be available for testing which lets you use the taunt verb to compel targets to face you and to prevent escape.

There may be other changes to Paladin spells that I've either forgotten or have overlooked, and as always bear in mind these are changes for the upcoming Test instance push, and may not what eventually makes it to the live instances once testing and player input are considered.

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