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Mining and The Wicked Burrow Mine! · on 5/28/2011 4:46:46 PM 5044
Crafters beware!

The first of the new mineable areas is now live in Prime. The Wicked Burrow Mine can be found down the path from Dirge's city gate and to the east.

The two verbs used in mining are PROSPECT and MINE. PROSPECT uses appraisal, perception and foraging to analyze an area for its mineability, geology type, and available stone and metal.

MINE applies Foraging skill and Strength to dig for resources with an appropriate tool, such as a shovel or pickaxe. Both tools can be purchased at a store in the mine but can also be forged using Blacksmithing. Higher quality tools give a bonus to your mining ability, and high potency tools reduce your round times when mining. Damaged tools will not mine as effectively! Pickaxes tend to extract material more easily than shovels, but also deplete an area quicker.

Each room in the mine contains a type of stone and a type of metal. Exposed metal is uncommon, so you will have to mine through at least a bit of stone in order to start harvesting metal. As you get closer to depleting an area, the chance of finding rare metal as a "bonus" resource increases. No skill is needed to find this; it is a reward for toughing out an area to completion!

Depleted areas respawn periodically. Though they frequently respawn the same resources, they also can switch to a new set of materials. The Geology Type will determine which materials are available, while material rarity dictates how likely each component is to be found.

Resources in the Wicked Burrow Mine can be PUSHed to be changed into a crafting deed for a small cost. Deeds can be TAPped inside of crafting Societies to be turned back into raw materials. Not all mines will have this functionality, as many are too dangerous to support a consistent labor force. Instead, players can purchase deed packets from the Forging Society and place the deeds on material they wish to transport. They do this by PUSHing the material WITH the deed packet. A runner will come collect the material, but it wont be available in the Society until sufficient transport time has passed.

Zealous miners should take heed: Disasters can occur while mining. Youll get a warning to indicate when your actions have created dangerous conditions. Any further mining after this point will increase the odds of an actual disaster striking, which means that groups of miners should be especially wary of such warnings. PROSPECT will show the level of danger, and the passage of time will slowly reduce the risk.

PROSPECT provides two additional features to assist miners:
PROSPECT DANGER evaluates an area to find ways to mine more safely. This will reduce the danger in an area, and can be attempted once per area by each player to further increase mining safety.
PROSPECT CAREFUL allows a player to carefully search an area for additional material. This may only be attempted once per area, total.

These abilities refresh slowly in each room, so use them with discretion.

Mining experience is awarded based on how much material you mine and is weighted to provide effective gains across all skill levels. The system will be monitored to ensure everyone can learn well from this dangerous system.

For the initial release, the Wicked Burrow is the only available mining location, but existing in-game mines have been identified and will be outfitted with mining mechanics at a later time. GM Kodius is working miracles at an amazing rate and should have new mining areas available within a short time.

Planned future expansion include :
More Disasters, including area-wide disasters.
Addition to Prospect to attempt to discover new materials in a location
Some tools/materials (reinforcement beams, drills, etc) to remove dangerous when they appear
Gem mining is coming

Special thanks to GM Solere for her diligent work on the Wicked Burrow Mine, and to GM Kodius for doing almost all of the work to get this system finished, polished and out the door.

Please share any problems, questions or concerns you may have, over in the Lore - General Discussions Folder. Thanks!

GM Lohkrian

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