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Re: Kura-Silma · on 11/28/2009 4:57:57 PM 404
>>Wow that is a bit of a bombshell. Mind clarifying what kind of spells might use the transference link?

Any spell themed around animating the inanimate or transferring wounds. Basically, if it seems like bizzaro-Empathy, it requires a ritual to set up the Transference link. Current list of spells are Call from Beyond, Consume Flesh, and Quicken the Earth.

>>Also does practicing Thanatology now give outrage? It was supposedly said at Simucon that it did not so that people could train.

You can train Thanatology without gaining Outrage (a small concession to people who want to play Redeemed), but you cannot functionally use Thanatology without it.


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