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Re: For Timelines and Posterity · on 6/30/2009 2:57:23 AM 8158
>>I can now confirm the 20 year claim.

>>~GM Aurdun

After speaking with Shakahn at the Con, I'll take this one step further. What occured during this time period should honestly be common knowledge, but hasn't been for a simple reason. The timeframe was tossed out to make the Barrier and the lands from which the races came so far away that staff at the time didn't have to worry about making the lands in question. If there were other reasons involved or plans, they weren't noted for later use. Soooo, we've been working on explaining it behind the scenes with the intent of explaining it to you folks in game, but at this point we feel it is just more important to at least give a generic outline to you.

The Barrier went up at some point west of Forfedhar and the Dwarven lands. Precisely how far to the west remains to be determined/decided. Once the initial shock wore off as well as the clean up of what undead were past it already and harming the peoples involved, the Prydaens and Rakash went their seperate ways. The old feelings resurfaced with the prior threat removed, at least for the moment. As this is purely about the Prydaen movements and we do not presume to dictate what the Rakash did, I won't comment on that side of things. The Prydaen, however, did not wish to abandon Eu's Lands. They moved some slight distance from the site of the Barrier, but still within easy reach of scouts. They proceeded to recover from the harsh conflict they had just escaped and worked to establish the beginnings of a Hub. If it was ever named, that is not known at this time. Most likely it was not as it would have been viewed as even more temporary than they normally were. This was a living location until the next step could be determined.

During this time period, they monitored the Barrier and what could be seen on the other side of it. They also cared for the wounded, began exploring the new lands they were in to learn of the prey and dangers to be found and most importantly, began to repopulate their race as Tenemlor returned to the lands as many souls as she could. They continued this for roughly 15-17 years, moving somewhat so as not to burden the lands as well as splitting into differing groups as the size of their population expanded beyond the land's ability to sustain them without burden. However, regardless of how they shifted or split, they worked to remain close the Barrier in case a way was found to return to Eu's Lands and regain what was lost.

This changed quite dramatically however when the Dwarves found them and chased the refuges from the Dwarven lands. This started a return to travel and movement, though less harried by persuers once out of Dwarven lands and with the undead threat no longer looming. This travel continued in various forms and at various paces until a grand cosmic quirk had them arrive in the then known provinces just as many Rakash also arrived, not to mention the Gnomes and Kaldar who were also fleeing a past they wished to leave.

GM Oolan Jeel

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