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Fire of Ushnish · on 4/1/2009 12:27:41 PM 1252
The contents of a missive sealed with midnight-blue wax were divulged anonymously to the rest of the Crossing temple and guildhall shortly after its delivery to the high priestess by one of the monks -- who happened to be a Botolf adherent.


I write this from one of the ever-crumbling chambers of the sundered temple, in hopes that my spirits of Wind can bring my words to you. So comfortless. Such a contrast to my wintry home.

The news of my pilgrimage must have reached your ears by now. Once the far-fetched reports I had been receiving from Ilithi turned out to be true, after all, I was consumed by a rage I had not felt in decades. I am well aware of my responsibilities in keeping the minions in leash, but I had to do something. I know, you will say that we possess far greater tools here in Kermoria and that we will not be caught unprepared, unlike my hapless kin. You are right, very much so. Nevertheless, I spent weeks studying, meditating, praying for anything that may be of aid in preventing the history from reoccurring. A weapon.

All, even the wisdom of the winds, guided me eastward. The sanctity of this place has not waned at all, and, albeit hard to believe, its molten roots seem to reach all the way down to what they call Heggarangi'hhs Iltamigen. I know that there is power to unearth here -- the Serpent Dancers rambled on and on about it in their book. I will find it, and I will harness it.

Provided that my quest concludes auspiciously, I plan to make my way over to Crossing thereafter. There is much to discuss. My temple can manage my absence for a while longer.

This message was originally posted in The Clerics - Cleric Related Events, by DR-CLERICNPC on the forums.