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Re: Defense Proficiency · on 05/19/2014 02:08 PM CDT 2674
>>It seems like the guild is leaning towards each paladin having a more specific Code based upon his/her favorite, most closely held Immortal and Aspect. I wouldn't be opposed to having Asketi paladins and Kuniyo paladins debating in the streets- as long as it doesn't fracture the guild too badly. I don't foresee that as a big problem, though, honestly.

I'm going to caveat again that this is stuff that's mutable, since it touches on explanations never presented in the game.

But one reason I kind of like what is written, which does emphasize Light Aspect and generally honorable behavior for Paladins, is it's something which makes them unique. Sure, it is also within the zeitgeist of Paladiness to define them more tightly as soldiers of the gods rather than honorable peeps, but then we get back to "Okay, so what makes Paladins any different than a Cleric with worse abilities?"

Thus, I like the emphasis on the sanctified soul, which as currently written has a different origins and function than Cleric Devotion. Could it use loosening? Perhaps. Does it need to be doffed for Yet Another God Guild? Eh.

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