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Death 3.0 · on 4/16/2009 2:11:34 AM 2768

Some major changes to death and departing are now live in Prime and Platinum. TF will follow once we are sure we death isn't going us.

As always, we will be monitoring and will be making adjustments as necessary.

Without further ado...

(1) Permadeath is gone. If you die with no favors, you will still be able to depart. There will, however, be additional penalties (see below).

(2) Three new depart options have been added. From the new DEPART HELP:

DEPART -- (1 favor) Standard depart. Lose all coins, 1 favor (if you have one), items go in grave.
DEPART COINS -- (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your coins.
DEPART ITEMS -- (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your items (but not coins).
DEPART FULL -- (3 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep all items and coins.

(3) Departing will now reduce all derived stats (health, mana, fatigue, spirit, concentration), but to 10% now instead of all the way down to virtually nothing.

(4) Newbie protection is still in place, and is essentially the same as before. What follows does not apply to those under newbie protection.

(5) Departing will now include an overall effectiveness penalty. The degree and duration of this penalty is based on how many favors you had at time of death and your circle. This isn't going to be a secret -- you'll want to have 1 favor per 10 circles to keep death penalties at a minimum. When you have plenty of favors for your circle, the penalties are fairly insignificent and go away quickly. The fewer favors you have, the worse the penalties and the longer they will last. If you depart with no favors, you will incure the maximum penalty at the maximum duration, and you will have death scars on top of that. Departing without favors is still a Very Bad Thing (tm).

(6) The Uncurse spell will now reduce the duration of the depart penalty, but not the severity. The more power put into the Uncurse, the greater the duration reduction.

(7) We will be re-evaluating abilities like Glyph of Warding in the future to make them more desirable now that we have the new depart options.

(8) The penalties for departing do NOT apply to being resurrected. This is one major advantage to being resurrected instead of just departing.

(9) Because I know someone will ask, the depart penalty is calculated before favors are deducted, so you will not get a bigger penalty simply because you chose to use a 3 favor depart instead of a 1 favor depart.

You can type DEPART HELP at any time for a summary of the new options and some notes on what to expect.

- GM Dartenian

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