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Re: Damage Modifying Abilities and You · on 1/21/2010 12:05:43 AM 54656
Crosspost from plat...

>Any chance you could list which spells/abilities fall under percentage increasers/decreasers and which ones fall under flat increasers/decreasers?

Because I'm feeling fairly forthcoming, and there's no reason not to know what your abilities do, at least generally...

HP is currently the only direct damage enhancer. That might change now that it's a little more realistic to add more.

Mpp, Tear, berserks kuniyo/trothfang, CoL, and CH are all primarily % reducers, though some of them have additional quirks, of course. Pfe and berserk stone are flat reducers, while scream defiance and MaF both use a combination approach.

GM Lohkrian


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