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Combat Status Messaging · on 1/29/2008 10:52:39 PM 152

I've updated combat status messaging to reflect the new bonus utilities. The messaging you now receive in combat is your current health compared to your base health. Meaning, if you cast courage you will receive messaging indicative of your "invigorated" (+health) and "energetic" (+fatigue) status. So in a nutshell the combat status messaging is a reflection of your current hit points, fatigue, and spirit as it relates to your base.

The HEALTH verb and StormFront status bars ALWAYS look at your bonused pools. So your health in StromFront or HEALTH may say "90%" or "bruised" even though the combat status is reporting you are invigorated. This is intended. This will allow you to see where you stand as it relates to your bonused stats and your base stats.

This also rings true with hexes. If your stamina is hexed (under a penalty) combat may report that you are "hurt" when the StormFront bars or the HEALTH verb report you at full strength.

To clarify, I know this may sound confusing, courage may add 20% to your health based on the mana put into the spell and your current health. You won't lose the "invigorated" message until health says you're "somewhat battered" or Stormfront report that you're at 80%.

I've also added the "energetic" message to combat to indicate that your fatigue is bonused. Previously both health and fatigued shared the same message "invigorated."

Additionally, I've added more spirit health levels and they are as follows:

nonexistent (worst)
very cold
very drained
very weak
very shaky
mighty (best)

If you have questions please post in the Combat, General Discussions folder.

This change will go live in TF tomorrow barring any unforeseen issues.



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